Apple Unveils the iPhone 5S

Apple has launched its two new iPhones at Apple’s Headquarter in CUPERTINO, California, named as iPhone 5S and iPhone SC.  iPhone 5S has been launched in with two new colors, Gold and Silver, along with a fingerprint scanner added as a security feature, a 64-bit A7 processor and high quality camera. iPhone 5S will be available in many countries, UK, USA, Canada, France, Australia, China, Japan, Germany and Singapore on September 20. iPhone 5S cost same as the iPhone 5 at the launch on contract.  16GB version costs $199, 32GB version costs $299 and 64GB version costs $399. Protective cases made by Apple for device will costs $39 each.


Design and Color

Apple introduced iPhone 5S in 3 colors, Gold, Silver and Grey (Black). New look of iPhone 5S is attractive and the gold color pretty looks good. The look of iPhone 5S is little bit similar with the previous iPhones. It has the two-tone back panel. Home button is changed in iPhone 5S, instead of rounded square, apple used a ring around it. iPhone 5S is slim like the iPhone 5.

The Apple iPhone 5S has the same 4-inch screen as the previous iPhone 5, and Apple’s Retina Display, which has a 1,136×640-pixel resolution and a pixel density of 326 ppi.


Operating System and Processor

One of the major change in iPhone 5S is the new Processor Chip A7. A7 is twice faster then A6. iPhone 5S the first 64-bit smartphone in the world but it can still support 32-bit apps. A7 Processor gives you twice faster GPU and 2x faster auto-focus, capture photos faster than A6 and has higher video frame rates. A7 has over 1 billion transistors.  A7 processor can support OpenGL ES version 3.0 and Xcode.  There is an addition of a new feature in iPhone 5S is the M7 motion co-processor.

iPhone 5S comes with new operating system that is iOS 7. It has a new interface which includes some changes like, lockscreen, AirDrop, flat icons, Control Center,  male Siri, Notification Center and new camera apps are more substantial features. iOS 7 will be installed in new iPhone 5S.


Camera and video

iPhone 5S have 8 megapixel apple-iphone5s-back-camera-closeup with 1.5µ pixels camera , it has five-element lens with f/2.2  aperture. The upgraded camera has 15% MP senor and 33% increase in light sensitivity. It comes with a flash light called True Tone, it has two led lights. iPhone 5S is the first smartphone in the world that uses True tone. We can also capture 28 megapixel panorama.

There is an amazing feature, that is burst mode, it is very fast & now we can capture 10 photos per second with the help of iPhone 5S. It also has the ability to select the best photo captured in burst mode. iPhone 5S can record video upto 1080p at 30 frames per second and it can also record video in 720p at 120fps.

Fingerprint Scanner

The most attractive feature of iPhone 5S is the fingerprint scanner which is used to access the phone. This fingerprint scanner is called TouchID. It has 360-degree readability. We can use our fingerprint instead of using a password. It can sense your finger when it is on button due to the stainless steel detection ring. TouchID sensor is 170 micron thin. TouchID take high resolution images of your fingerprint to analyze but those are not stored in iCloud or Apple’s Server, so don’t worry about privacy. TouchID is very simple and easy to use.


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