Inter­view of Mr. Dr Zafaz Ahmed Khan Awarded writer, Cal­lig­ra­pher, Artist, Homeo Doc­tor, Psy­chol­o­gist, Radi­es­the­sist, Hypnotherapist.

The famous name in the field of children’s literature and winner of writer award, psychiatrist, spiritual guide, penman, painter, master of commercial designing and homeopathic Dr. Zafar Ahmed khan is struggling to promote valuable literature for children. He is also the vice president of Pakistan children’s Guide.

Very few people in Pakistan have many qualities at a time. His valuable composition regularly prints in monthly “Anokhi kahaniyan” Karachi and monthly “Rabta” Karachi. In the interview you will get many information about different signs in which he has full command.

Q: Where you got education? What were your desires in your childhood?

Ans: My initial schools were my parents from there I got ethical values. Belonging to the worldly education, I have completed my school from “New Era Government boys school Khudadaad colony”. From Islamia Arts and Commerce College, I did Afterwards I got DHMS degree from Jinnah Homeopathic College and hospital.

Q: On which compositions have, you got three writer awards as a writer and author of children?

Ans: I received my first writer award by “Toot Btot” writer award in 1990 on humors composition “cha-cha or stray ki gardish”.

I got Second award on my novel “Anjany Rastay” by National book foundation government of Pakistan, third award by National book foundation on my historical novel “Be-missal sultan”.

Q: Which topics you usually write for children? Are you satisfied with the material quality of the compositions, which are publishing in children magazines?

Ans:  I have written many compositions for children on jest (fun), fiction and social topics. Now I write informative articles on medicine and homeopathic. The compositions that are publishing on children magazines I am satisfied with them. Because excess use of internet people do not like to read that is, why whatever is publishing is valuable according to the need and situation.

Q: What are the qualities of a good writer? What are the rules and ethical values to write something for children?

Ans: A good writer must have to keep an eye on society and have strong writing power. To be a good writer one must be a habitual reader of other skilful writers. Also, adopt their manner and way of writing.

Q: For how many years you have been serving as a homeopathic doctor? What is your point of view about the popularity of this medical treatment in future?

Ans: I have been serving for 13 years as a homeopathic doctor. In coming era, I can see popularity of homeopathic medical treatment in the sky. All the credit goes to the doctors and kinder. They are sacrificing and working hard. Enmity and criticism period has over. Unbelievable result has stopped the rumors and sealed the mouth of opposition. Homeopathic get more value after successful treatment of cancer patients by giving them a new life.

Q: Please briefly give introduction of the sciences you learnt. How a person can change his life positively by these sciences?

Ans: In spiritualism I learnt, hypnotism, telepathy, rekhi, pendulum sciences. A part from this I know about numeric language and stars. Further search and learning is so on. It is about sciences or spiritualism this world is full of many hidden knowledge. Physics and chemistry are the examples, if you want to learn something then you can learn easily. However, whatever knowledge has to be positive and pure hearted to learn. Personality is the mirror of mind if your mind will be clear then you can concentrate. Based on concentration you can reach the peak point of knowledge.

Q: How you took any guidance from your teacher or you learnt it by yourself? Is there any courser left you which you still want to learn?

Ans:  We cannot get any knowledge or skill without any teacher. These all knowledge I did not gain by myself but only by help of Allah. Allah Almighty guided me everywhere. My teachers include wise people, books, and computer. Knowledge is deeper as a sea. After learning, so much I have still thirst of gaining knowledge. I want to prove spiritualism with scientific reasons. Now a day I am busy in doing so.

Q: What is the basic difference between spiritualism and science? If anyone want to take guidance from you then how can he contact you?

Ans: I think there is not any difference between spiritualism and science. This is just a philosophy and world wide it has just contradictions of opinion among philosophers and scientists. They do not have same opinion. However, they are working on it. I am also student how could I teach anyone but all the knowledge I have if you want to learn it then you can contact me on face book, on my contact number or have meeting on my clinic.

Q: mostly people contact you either for spiritualism treatment or for medical treatment. If anyone wants to contact you for medical treatment then where can he contact you?

Ans: Mostly people come to me are mentally cyco or due to social problems. Such problems create misunderstandings in their minds that they are under the effect of black magic. I usually treat them by homeopathic. My contact number is 0300-3668371 and my clinic is at Khudadaad colony anyone can contact me on both.

Q: What are your favorites spiritual and science subjects? What changes did you feel in your personality after learning them?

Ans: My favorite spiritual and science subject is pendulum sciences. In this, both spiritualism and science are present. After learning this, it broadens my point of view. My opinion changed about life.

Strong belief established on Allah and I felt this world smaller and a temporary place. It created patience and steadfastness in my personality.

Q: Which subject is easier to learn and which needs more struggle to be a master of it?

Ans: If we have desire then we can learn every subject of this world. If you are not interested then you cannot learn anything and you just waste your time. To learn anything the basis are hard work, continuity, sacrifice, patience & steadfastness without them you cannot learn anything.

Q: You are working as a sketchier and painter. How did you manage time to learn all these things?

Ans: I had been engaged to sketching and painting for 28 years. These were my passion as well as my source of income. However, since last year I left sketching, painting and designing. Now a day I am busy in literature, medical and reading.

Q: What are the reasons behind the mental sickness? As a psychiatrist what will you say something to people. What are the conditions in which one had to contact to a psychiatrist?

Ans: Due to poverty less resources and more problems, economical crises people are going far from their family and relatives. Love and purity has replaced with hate, anger, fear and due to this, they meet with horror dreams, bore, hopeless, self-talking situations. Talkative person suddenly stop speaking. If anyone have these conditions he must have to concern to a psychiatrist.

Q: What is your message to Pakistani according to current situation in Pakistan?

Ans: Pakistan is a gift by Allah and a big Islamic state on the map. It has different qualities then other countries, good weather, fertilize soil, mineral resources and seashore. Current situations are due to rulers of our country. Implementation of law and order is needed. Wise people must think about it. These all situations are because of creating a vast distance between religion and our self. Enemy of Islam are working against peace. We must have focus on children and youth. They will rule this country in future. First, we must guide them towards the straight path. Allah has blessed Pakistan and a man can think to abolish this country.

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