Interview of Bushra Siddiqui Youngest Blogger & shining star of Pakistan

Blogging is not easy for everyone but a genius girl Burshra Siddiqui started blogging in an early age. Bushra Siddiqui is the youngest blogger & the shining star of Pakistan. Her every blog post has a message for visitors. Bushra is fond of reading books & her favorite books are the princess diaries series, the secret seven series and Mary-Kate and Ashley two of a kind series. Her future planning is admirable. She has a plan to open free schools for poor children. She will write stories and novels for teenagers and she will help poor people in any way I could. Her interview is very interesting and inspiring.

Q: Please Introduce yourself, in which class & school do you study?

Ans: My name is Bushra Siddiqui. I am 11 years old and studying in Grade 6 Cambridge at Aitchison Model School.

Q: When did you create your blog & how did you get the idea to create a blog in early age?

Ans: I started my blog last year. MyBushra Siddiqui father is an active blogger, I used to read his blogs although his blogs are too difficult for me to understand! One day I thought that I should also start writing blogs. When I asked my father to help me in this, he told me that I was too young to have my blog with my name. So he decided to create one for me. We both sat down and started thinking about a nice name. I came-up with Girly Stuff and that is the name of my blog.

Q: Do you take guideline from anyone to write interesting & useful posts for your blog?

Ans: I actually read a lot. My favorite magazine is Young World that is published every Saturday in Dawn. Some of the stories are really nice and give me an idea about my blog. I also share idea with my father and sometime with my Aunt and then write a post in manuscript. My father types it for me and posts it. Once I am old enough to have my own email address, I will start publishing my posts.

Q: What message do you want to convey by your blog posts to the visitors?

Ans: There is environmental pollution and other bad things happening around us. I want to share my thoughts about creating peace and love in this entire world. If we all work together, do not fight and be happy, things will change.

Q: How much time you took to write the first post for your blog & how much time you take now to write a post for your blog?

Ans: I write quite fast. Once the idea is there, I can write a blog in about 20 to 30 minutes. My posts are not very long.

Q: Are you satisfied by the response you get from visitors of your blog?

Ans: I get excited when I see people visiting my blogs. Some people comment, but most do not. I like to see comments and hopefully, when I have lots of visitors on my blog, some more people will start commenting.

Q. What change you feel in your life after creating a blog?

Ans: I am now able to share myBushra Siddiqui with Khalid Malik at ARY Studio thoughts, feelings and ideas. I think blogging is fun and a great opportunity to share these nice ideas with a lot of people. I am recognized as Pakistan’s youngest blogger. And recently ARY Musik interviewed me for Omore Buzz show. I feel great about it.

Q: Which is your favorite TV Channel? Which programs are interesting for you?

Ans: I like to watch Nick Pakistan. My favorite TV programs are Icarly, Victorious an Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Q: Which of your habit impress your parents, teachers & friends?

Ans: I read books. This habit is most liked by everyone.

Q: When you are happy & which kind of others activities makes you angry?

Ans: When my younger sister is teasing me again and again or cable TV is not working, or when my computer is not working, and when I am hungry.

Q: Which is the memorable event/day in your life?

Ans: I went to Niagara Falls with my parents. I can’t forget how big that fall was. It was cold and misty. I still remember that travel to world’s largest water fall.

Q: What do you want to become in future & have you decided this or your parents?

Ans: I love writing and would like to become an author. My parents encourage me to stick to my aim. Hopefully, I will become a good writer when I am in High School.

Bushra’s Blog:

Journalist, Android Application Developer and Web Designer. Writes article about IT in Roznama Dunya. I Interview Prominent Personalities & Icons around the globe.

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