Interview of Great Pakistani Magician Mr. M Mujahid

In Pakistan whenever we talk about magic master then the first name comes in mind is Mr. M. Mujahid. He made his identity in Pakistan by fame, respect and wealth. Now he has millions of fans in Pakistan. He got respect by his skills in every age group either in children or in old people. He is opening hearted and has good personality. This is the first interview of Mr. M. Mujahid on internet. By this interview, online fans will get much valuable information. Those who are fond of learning magic, this interview a great gift for them.

Q: Tell me something about your childhood. Why did you think to be a magic star?

Ans: I was born in Sher Shah in Karachi. I completed my early education from Government Farah High School. At that time, magic starts came and perform in our school. Children clapped during the performance. Then I thought to be a favorite personality among children. So that they can smile by my effort and they can automatically clap for me. Apart from this, a wise man said that if you want to get popularity than friendship with children and if you would be popular in children than your fame be would be stable for a long period. I just think all this and learned this skill Alhamdulillah I am satisfied that I am a source of happiness among people.

Q: From whom, you learned this skill? How much time you took to be a master of it?

Ans: I learned this skill from my teacher professor M.J.Khan. I have been engaged to this job for 40 years but still I am learning new things. I think that whatever field it is you learn new things at every stage of life. I consider myself as a student but I know more than thousand’s magic tricks for which I have already given the world challenge. For example, to break glass from your eyesight, to burn paper and make it a currency note, to set fire to a cigarette by ice; make a penguin by handkerchief or make many balls by a single ball. I can pass the wire from tongue. Lighten the bulb with our body temperature, to secrete the milk in newspaper, make all cards king cards, with the magic to burn the cloths with the fire or hide the currency note from hands, to make penguin by balloon. To exchange 50-rupee note into 500-rupee note, to make anything disappear, to make juice from water, seven colors game, to hide the coin from glass, fall of water by ordering, to hide coin in the elbow etc.

Q: How many people are engage with this job in Pakistan?

Ans: Millions of people are engaged to this job in Pakistan. This is a source of income for many people.

Q: What do you charge to teach these tricks? How long it takes to learn it?

Ans: I think to learn magic tricks are Moneeb Junior interviewing Mr. M Mujahidthe most interesting thing and there is not any other fun more interesting than that. When show some tricks to others they get shocked. That is why people are interested in it. We charge 5000 rupees to teach 20 magic tricks. On the bases of our training and experience, we teach them all 20 tricks in 1 to 2 hours. Apart from this, it usually takes 1 to 2 minutes to learn a trick. After that, it depends on the learner that how long he takes to practice it either 5 or 10 days. Many people learned it from us and made it their source of income.

Q: The people of Karachi can easily come to you and learn this, what are the facilities you arranged for other city resident? 

Ans:  People from all over Pakistan contact us to learn these. They usually have a problem to spend high expenses in traveling so we have arranged a CD package for them. Now anyone more than 10 years old can order us this package from any city and we will deliver it. We introduced this package because many people want to learn these tricks but due to lack of time, they cannot. Now they can learn it at their homes. This CD course is for 5,000 rupees. Who ever want this CD he calls and tells his address. We send the CD via VP service. At the time of delivering mail Postman takes the payment. We give lifetime guarantee for this CD. One can ask for another CD if it breaks or do not work. We deliver that CD without charging anything. If one contacts us after 10 years, we also help him.

If you go to a restaurant, you will see a notice board on which there has been written about free home delivery details. That is why we also introduced this service for the Convenience of the people. Then we introduced this service many people called us for this CD package and have delivered.

Q:  How long are you running this training center?

Ans: I have been running my training center “M.J Magic Groups” for 30 years.

Q: How many people have learned this skill from you?

Ans: If I calculate the number of people to whom I taught this skill then the numbers will shoot to millions. About 99% professional magicians who are working in Pakistan are our students. I taught at least 10 people in a day. Apart from this, we arrange shows in different schools. Wherever we arrange our show, we at least teach them a magic trick. Millions of students watch our show. If thousands of students are watching our show at a time then they all become our student. Where as I do 2 to 3 shows daily in schools. Today I have also done a show.

Q: What are the benefits to learn magic tricks? What mostly think and learn this?

A: People who learn this, they are divided into 2 categories. One belongs to lowest class and another is high class. Middle class is not interested to learn this. People who want be a prominent figure and are depressed learn this to impress people. High class has a lot of money that is why they think that they can buy anything. Only middle class left, they do not poke their nose in others matter. The specialty of our job is that when: Government does not supervise any authority or art. In Pakistan if you will work hard daily then you can earn enough to eat. If Government supports this art then I swear we are not less than from magician. We are the best in this art. Worldwide magicians show the art of flying in air or to hide airplane, it is not a big deal. The problem is money. To show these arts the things, which are required behind all this process, is so expensive we cannot even think to buy them. We cannot prepare an item, which costs 500 rupees. We think 10 times to regain its cost. Once I challenged that, I can hide Habib Bank Plaza by tricks and really, I can do it. I requested to the Government for financial support but Government had not given any respond. If today Government helps me financially then I can hide the Habib Bank Plaza by magic tricks.

Q: What are the differences between the attitude of Pakistani magicians and other magicians?

Ans: Our Pakistani nation is very hard working and proud to hard work. I can prove that Pakistani magicians are harder worker than other magicians in the world. They can do anything, which British cannot even think. On which they spend a lot of money we can do it in only 20 rupees. There is not any difference a job only the difference is that they have more financial benefits and resource and we have just specialty.

Q: Does any magician use black magic during the show?

Ans: I cannot understand the rumor that one can take help with black magic during the play. It is a human psychology that if he could not understand anything then he considers it as a black magic. In addition, if something disappears from their eyes they consider it vision barrio (nazar bandi). However, the play, which we show, is only base on techniques and tricks. A magician during his show he just cheats your eyes, senses and psychology by a professional way. We like this cheating and want to see repeatedly.

Q: In which cities of Pakistan have you visited to show your play?

Ans: I have visited about half of the Pakistan. I did magic shows in all big cities like Quetta, Peshawar, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities. We do not need heavy things for magic shows.

Q: How did you create your uniqueness after joining this profession?

Ans: Pakistani magicians had used Professor before their names. When I joined this profession I changed the trend and replace professor with magic master. I said to my seniors that we are not teachers at college so we should not write professors. They answered that it is an old trend. Then I forced them to write magic master with their name. So they started to right it. Now magicians write magic master with their name. My personal opinion is that there is a huge difference between professor and master. Professor is just a professor where as master is more than a professor.

Q: Is there any magic trick left which you have not played yet and still want to play?

Ans: My desires to do such play that other magicians do in different countries. However, it is only possible when government will support us. We can do many things but due to lack of resources, we have not done. Like I challenged to disappear, Habib Bank Plaza but government had not supported me and a desire left in my heart.

Q: Is there any message for your fans?

Ans: If you want to be successful then be punctual, by doing so, you can get everything. I will say to youth that kindly do not waste your time. Punctuality is the success key of my life. I did millions of shows but I never got late in any show. Whenever my staff fixes an appointment for show then, they say with proud that Mr. Mujahid will be at time. He never gets late. I will suggest you to do such works, which create your individuality, you become a prominent figure among figure, and people recognize you as an individual.

Do your work in such a way that will create your individual identity. Do not rush to the people. Like, we introduced “Go-go” magazine. It is a different magazine. We tried to improve mental power and education. By the grace of Allah now “Go-go” magazine is one of the top magazines in Pakistan. I will suggest you to do something special.

Q: Tell us something about “Go-go” magazine.

A: I published “Go-go” magazine about 6 years ago. I did it in affection of children. This is continuously publishing. Due to its individuality, it is include in top most magazines of Pakistan. To increase the interest of children we have arranged fun, education, ethics in our magazine by which they could make them self-prominent and able to make their parents and country proud. In addition, by becoming a good person they help in development of their country.

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