Interview of Madam Fiona Cameron Director/Producer & Webmaster of ChatBack TV

I got the chance to interview the Director and webmaster of Australia’s ChatbackTV Channel, Fiona Cameron. She is well known to her fans from all over the world having started with a radio career at an early age. Having interviewed thousands of pop stars, athletes, politicians, authors and people from around the globe, she now focuses on producing short film interviews answering Real Life Questions from fans. YOU are invited to send through a real life question too and ChatbackTV will make a video and podcast response for you – if they haven’t tackled your question already.
Examples of previously answered questions …


Why do we suffer?

Why do people prefer a ‘Love Marriage’?

What are the ideal qualities in a Girlfriend?

Who am I? – The search for identity

I’m broke, unemployed and alone. What should I do?

What makes a good teacher?

What is beauty? Should women dress more modestly?

Can I help my friend stop drinking?

Is there love involved in friendship?

Why isn’t God helping us?

They have some cvcNOW caps to give away to those whose questions are used on the show.

Fiona is a great journalist & she is very busy so I am so much grateful to her for sparing some time for me. I hope this interview will be very interesting & informative for you.

Q1: Tell me about yourself, hometown and education & how was your teenage life?

Ans: Grew up in Sydney Australia and attended an all-girl Christian School. Didn’t finish High School, and left in Year 10 at 15 years of age to pursue a career in radio.

Q2: When did you start your professional life & what you had to struggle to reach at this position?

Ans: Started in commercial radio at the station 2MG when I was 15 years old doing the morning programme – 9am-12noon playing pop and rock music and doing interviews. There were very few women in radio back then and it was almost unheard of for a girl to have her own show. Most women were either news readers or breakfast co-hosts. Over the next 17 years I worked at 2LT, 2NM, 2NX, 2KO-FM and MIX-FM.

Q3: Tell with detail about CVCNOW & Chatback TV? Who is the founder of CVCNOW & What is the benefit to people from these services?

Ans: Started working for CVC (then called Voice International Radio) about 10 years ago. We were an international Short Wave Radio station that also streamed live on the internet. We played popular Western music and had Real Life interviews and discussions about Life matters. My show Chatback answered real life questions from listeners around the globe, but especially from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Two years ago CVC ceased its radio broadcast and now we focus on ‘New Media’. We make short, meaningful videos, write blogs and interact with fans through our website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Even though Chatback is no longer live, it has transitioned into ChatbackTV and makes podcasts and videos.

Q4: On which issues you mostly focus in Chatback TV & what is your roll in CB TV?

Ans: ChatbackTV answers the Real Life Questions sent through by friends and fans in a short video response and also by podcasts via iTunes. ChatbackTV films an array of guests, answering the questions that YOU ask. From relationship dramas to moral dilemmas, spiritual quandaries to personal problems, hypothetical questions to ethical debates. So what do YOU want to know? Fiona Cameron (a.k.a. Fee) longs to make our online spaces a happier, healthier and friendlier environment for everyone.fionacameroncbtv

I am the Director/ Producer and Webmaster of CBTV.

Q5: Right now what are your other activities?

Ans: I spend most of my free time online playing games and in the online spaces. I enjoy science fiction (movies, TV shows and literature) and I love to read. I am raising a little girl, two cats and 5 goldfish. I am also studying for my Diploma of Theology (nearly finished)

Q6: When CVCNOW was founded, how many programs CVCNOW is running & how many team members do CVCNOW have?

Ans: CVC started operations about 10 years ago and other channels include VisionFudge, Stand4More, 3inSync and Blood and Words. They can all be found through

Q7: What is the Motto of CVCNOW projects& are you receiving a good response?

Ans: Our Motto is to touch a billion people with a message of hope. To bring them joy, peace, hope and Truth through thought provoking media.

Q8: How many people you have interviewed and which interview was amazing for you & is there any personality to whom you want to interview?

Ans: Hmmm interviews hey.  I’ve lost count of how many interviews I’ve done through my career so I’ve tried to estimate it and it would be more than 7000.fionanew

Most of those would be pop and rock stars (of the time) and my favourite interviews would have been Bryan Ferry, Susie Quatro and Melissa Etheridge because once you sat down and started talking with them they were genuinely nice people.
Melissa Etheridge was the best. We sat together on a train for 20 minutes and I got the scoop on the other media outlets and then back stage after her concert she greeted me like a long lost friend. REally nice lady.

I’ve also interviewed  authors,athletes, politicians and lots and lots of ordinary people. My second favourite interviews were with Terri Irwin and Bindi Irwin from Australia Zoo. I admire both these ladies immensely.

Q9: Due to Social Networking & New Media, Is there any impact on Radio broadcasts?

Ans: Social Networking and New Media has had a huge impact on traditional media like Radio, Television and Print (Newspapers/Magazines etc).

International Short Wave is becoming a thing of the past in Western Nations and they now focus their broadcasts mainly to areas where Broadband Internet/ Wifi & 3G etc are unreliable or the internet is severely restricted and monitored. (Except for the BBC, VOA & TWR and local or national broadcasters).
CBTV is based in Queenland Australia but our parent company CV has TV studios, radio studios, offices and services on every continent (except Antarctica).

Q10: Are you satisfied with your current Job & what are your goals in future? How do you plan to achieve these goals?

Ans: I praise God nearly every day for this job. It is deeply satisfying and rewarding and I know it is what all my training, talents and opportunities were meant for. It is my dream job and I hope I stay here until I stop breathing.

Q11: In such engagement, how do you make time for your family & entertainment?

Ans: Even when I’m not at work I’m usually thinking about it and it is hard to ‘tune out’. I spend weekends with my daughter and mother.

Q12: What is so heartfelt that you enjoy doing?

Ans: My job and being a mum. These two things define me.

Q13: Which habits of other people you don’t like? How do you express your anger?

Ans: I do NOT like the habits of smoking, gossiping, swearing or cursing and all the hate speech on the internet (particularly Youtube). There is enough cruelty and heartache in the world without people deliberately going out of their way to abuse others. I usually express my anger by going very quiet (people know something is wrong when I’m not making a noise). Sometimes I use sarcasm and occasionally I explode. But I calm down very quickly, do NOT bear grudges and seek to make peace as soon as I can. I do not like discord and tension and am happy to make the first move for the sake of Harmony.

Q14: What would you like to say in the message for the youth?

Ans: Do not make the mistake of working to make money. Earning a wage should be the incidental reward for your labour. The real reason to work is to be able to feel useful, needed and satisfied with your contribution to this world for the better. It brings a deep sense of purpose and wellbeing to be able to throw your heart and soul into your work and do the very best that you can every day. You spend your entire life working to provide for your family and to contribute to your community so make sure you pick a career that invigorates your heart as well as utilises your talents. God has a plan for you and He doesn’t make mistakes.

From my experience, if you put God first in your life and seek His guidance then He will direct your path and fill your life with abundant joy and purpose.

“Commit your work to the LORD,
and your plans will succeed.
The LORD made everything
for a purpose …” Proverbs 16:3-4a

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