Interview of Miss Jaira Maria a Genius Teacher and University Student, Amazing information about Brazilian Culture and Girls life in Brazil

Brazil is one of the most beautiful country of the world and the people of brazil have a good behavior. Well-mannered, university student and teacher Miss Jaira Maria live in Brazi. She is also running a blog in Portuguese with her studies. She has a good experience in food handling and teaching. This inter­view will help you to under­stand the Brazil­ian Culture. This is the most different interview that I have done. I am so much thankful to her for this interview.

Q: Tell me about yourself? Where were you educated, and what made you decide to join the field of education?

Ans: I am a teacher. I live in Gravatá, Pernambuco, Brazil. I graduated in Agro technical industry and I am a student too. I studied at school called Devaldo Borges; I finished my high school there. I went to study in FAFICA College the social studies Degree course, but I didn’t get admission there. Then I got admission in Agro technical industry course (IF-PE) Federal institution of Pernambuco and at this moment I am studying Pedagogy course in the UFRPE University. I taught children for 1 year, for 5 years I taught to teenagers (girls and boys) and for 1 year, I taught to the Young and adults (from 16 years to 45 years old). I started studying English a little while ago.

I started to like education when I was young with a good teacher named Dona Julia, a great human being. I started to notice how she taught and handled with care and dedication to the children. And the satisfaction of seeing a person reading and adding up the numbers. She is enthralled by it and that I did see the greatness and the importance of education in the human being. I noticed that I liked the education, I glad to see the students evolving and learning.

Q: How many languages are spoken in Brazil and what is superiority in Brazilian culture?

Ans: In Brazil our mother language is Portuguese, we don’t use any other languages, but because of the World Cup in 2014, the English language is necessary, then the rulers (the Government) focused on teaching English and Spanish. Our Brazilian culture is quite different. A bit of African culture(Africa), indigenous(native Indians) and Portuguese(Portugal) with many dances, crafts and habits of our later descendants.

Q: In what field girls have job opportunities after completing education? What profession you will join after completing your education?

Ans: The girls did not have any trouble to find a job. If she turned professional and has capacity, she will have many opportunities to have a good job. Some Brazilian companies have that composes only of women because of their patience and perfectionism. And in addition to paid work. She takes care of home and family along with her husband. This is very common in Brazil.
At the end of the university course, I am teacher ( Pedagogy) who in turn can work in Several areas such as Developing educational projects in order to Contribute to the growth and professionalization of educators.
Leading in educational systems, levels of coordination, supervision or teaching. Implement, plan, and monitor the quality of education and development. Develop educational projects in order to Contribute to the growth and professionalization of educators. Also guide in youth’s  vocations. Then, When the whole area will be monitoring involves educational and human development. Even in companies where education is not neccessory, but who needs the work organized. Work in the area of human resources. So hopefully it will be something related human resources in private or public in both company.

Q: Do Brazilian government provide any facilities to the girls to manage their life in a better way? What facilities for the girls are available in Brazil for enjoyment?

Ans: Before, the Brazil women had many difficulties of expression and had lots of physical and moral aggression. But, with several protests, political revolution and the new legislation ensured to our little space. A great example: the Constitution, called Maria da Penha Law. That law guarantees the protection of women. In the case of any violence both physical and oral, the offender will be punished with rigor and without bail. In our country, women have equal importance and value in the society.

Girls have many opportunities in every field of life. The important thing is girls engage in studies and always be expressive in what she wants to achieve. It is good to point out the woman in addition to work in the family and Brazilian women are dynamic in any field they work: quarry, professor, manages companies, taxi driver, and engineer, judge, Maid, lawyer, airline pilot, administers school, scientists, medical, police, Minister of Republic and etc. As proof of this we have our President Dilma Roussef.

Q: Till what age do parents financially support their daughters?

Ans: Age is comparative, because young people 18 years old go and live only in big cities to study and work forming its independence. There are some cultural changes. Young people in the past, only leaving the parental home when marrying. Today when young people begin to work are organized and will live alone in their homes. These are few, but are occurring very easily from the 20 years. With the largest number the boys. Girls can stay with the parents as long as they want at home. Parents financially support the expenses of the girl without any problem. When they start working they are independent.

Q: What kind of problems do Brazilian girls face? How do they solve the problems?

Ans: Brazilian girls have some difficulties, when they don’t have an educational and financial arrangement in the family. There may be an unwanted pregnancy, not finishing the studies, health problems for abuse of sexuality and also difficulties in behavior. There are some educational and media campaigns for the improvement of good habits and sexual education in schools and health posts (PS). But, for the visible improvement is necessary for the families to get involved and have knowledge of the good family habits. Highlight that the educational family structure must also be exposed to the guys and gals. So there will be not any problem in the future with these young people.

Q: If you get any chance to live and work abroad then in what country you would like to live and work?

Ans: I’m a very curious person. If I was invited I would certainly go. But we know that every site has constant dangers more and others less. But, if the proposed employments leave me satisfied and has a feature that allows a better life safety. Then I will have no problem. I have no local option set. Should I look for what is best for me, And how to guarantee a good life safety and have to work in new cultures. I am always interested in those countries that call attention to learn new knowledge. Example: Sweden, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and others.

Q: In modern cultures, there is trend to have relationship without marriage. What do you think it is good or not?

Ans: The modern cultures make up openings and expressions, there are choices you may want to keep the young virgin or not. Now, knowing that to have a modern culture imposes commitments and responsibilities at the time who decides to have the choices. Respecting the decisions both have sexual relations before marriage or not intimate relationships. The youngs having a regular training of family and good social coexistence, you can choose better what is good in your life.

I have no diagram or prejudice by the decisions of the youth, because the young are having own choices in your life.  You can see there is a lack of communion between parents. Now the young uses sexuality as exhibitionism (clarify some doubts). Always it is necessary to expose the good manners and there should be a good sex education in schools.

Q: Normally in what age boys & girls start dating? By which good qualities a life partner is selected?

Ans: Young people usually begin dating with 15, 16, 17 years. So a follow-up of family with young people it is important to make a good choice, taught the principles, respect and love. Giving security for the very young to make your own choice. Understanding what is freedom and debauchery. And so decide what is correct.

At the age of 25, dating is seriously started to see if you can marry. They go to parties, clubs, rock concerts, traveling, dancing, walking and friends and his girlfriend etc. The dating sometimes takes 1 to 3 years in order to marry. Boy choose her girlfriend. You can be rich or poor, the important thing here is the love between them.

Q: At what age girls marry in your culture? What is the importance of marriage in your religion?

Ans: The girls marry in the age of 27, 28 and 30 years or more. Girls choose that who will be her husband. In my religion, it is important to marry. First dates, according to the engagement and before the wedding. And marriage is forever. You can only marry once and it a perpetual bond (forever). Always enjoy the respect and equality between the couple.

In my religion is virginity also important. Girls have to marry a virgin. Some churches preach continuously, but it is the will of the Christian to choose and keep their virginity. Some married women are virgin. Other married women are not virgins. Men do not complain if it is or not. Now churches (Protestant) has strict woman and man must be a virgin to marry. Kisses and hugs are not allowed. Only after marriage you can do it.

Q: What is the traditional food of your country? What is the famous dish of Brazil & which is your?

Ans: The food famous and traditional is the Feijoada (Brazilian beans).

Simple Stew ingredient:

2 cups black beans, 1 large pepperoni sliced large, 12 Cup parsley finely chopped, 12 medium onion chopped fine, 1 clove crushed garlic, 2 tablespoons margarine or butter, 1 sachet of seasoning for beans, Salt to taste.


Place the black bean sauce by 3:0. After the sauce, place the beans to cook in a pressure cooker, just with water and salt to taste. After getting pressure, let the beans on fire for half an hour. Salt in butter, onion, garlic and parsley for 3 minutes, or until browned onion. Remove the pressure from the Pan, open and leave the beans in the fire with open pot. If you are with a little broth, add 100 ml of water. Pour into the pressure cooker to pepperoni, the braised (garlic, onion, and parsley) and the seasoning for beans. Prove, if bland, add salt to taste. Then just leave it to cook for another 15 minutes (until the pepperoni stick spring)

Serve hotis a delight with rice, don’t need anything else. I like food made of corn: corn pudding, couscous with beef jerky, munguzá, hominy. And regional food (simple food)

Pamonha ingredients:

100g melted butter, 20 corn cobs, 1 kg sugar, 1 spoon of salt, 1.5 liter of milk.


In time to cut the corn, take advantage to separate the straw that will pack the pamonha. Grind the corn in processor until it forms dough. Add the milk and then begin to sift through. Now, add the salt, sugar and butter. In boiling water, Cook the straw.

You need to tie the pamonha. You can use a gasket and will need the help of another person to do the packing junina. Then, light the fire, gas or coal, and cook for 1:0 in boiling water until the pamonha stay on point.

Q: Which is the most beautiful city of Brazil? Please tell something about Brazilian culture?

Ans: I always say that the most beautiful city is Rio de Janeiro. But Brazil has more beautiful cities such as Curitiba in Paraná State, Recife and Gravatá in Pernambuco State, OuroPreto in Minas Gerais State and other cities. Gravatá is recognized as the best 5 microclimate of the world.

In my state of Pernambuco, the culture is very diverse and we have the frevo dance, a very danceable rhythm with Pernambuco. Xaxado a dance with shoes clog (wooden) this style of dance is the region of Sertão of Pernambuco. And the Capoeira dance and fight. This art comes when Africans were enslaved in Brazil. Then to free themselves from the owners of slaves and also for fun, they struggled and danced with this art. It is a game of legs and arms that can lead to large violent blows with a lot of style. Until I’ve practiced this martial art with my brother Kiko professor of Capoeira. It helps for physical improvement and good health.

A view of Capoeira”Pure Art” in the image.

In the ballads friends (male and female) greets with a hug or a kiss on the cheek. Anytime your friend (male or female) Can embrace it because you did a good deed (or because it has the council made and give a compliment) and Can call to dance on the dance floor. (Just Friends).
To find a boyfriend have to go in the ballads. Parties in the house of friends (female and male). Because you’re gonna choose him boyfriend.

When you chat to someone who is from Brazil, if the person is male then just send hugs. Never send kisses to men in Brazil. If the person is female then you can send kisses and hugs for the girls.

Q: You have many Pakistani Facebook friends, how do you feel to communicate with them?

Ans: I have some Pakistani friends; they are kind, affectionate and educated. I just realized that the Pakistani girls do not accept request on facebook and not invite others.  They are reserved and talk less. They don’t have any picture to identify them.

Q: What are the most important lessons have you learned in Life?

Ans: With a time we learned from the event seven in difficulties to think positive. Respect the opinions, respect cultural diversity. And learn to live life with harmony and simplicity and make new friends. And how to listen criticisms both positive and negative for correcting and improving human that is organized.

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