Interview of Mr. Caio Henrique having interesting information about Brazilian Education System and Student Life.

Gravatá is a town located in the pernambuco in Northeast Brazil. It has approximately 85,000 people, Gravatá is considered in the 5 world’s best microclimate with average temperatures 15-30 degrees. The population is above 140,000 in event days with tourists in Gravata.

Every country has different education system and the life style of students is also different. In this interview you will find very interesting information about school life and education system of Brazil. Caio is brilliant Brazilian school student and he is my best friend of Brazil. I am thankful to Mr. Caio for this interview.

Q: Please tell me about yourself? Where do you live? What are your hobbies and interests? What is your favorite hobby?

Ans: My name is Caio Henrique and I am 16 years old, I live in Gravatá, Pernambuco, Brazil. I admire the culture of my parents, I’m catholic and that is caioschoolpredominant religion in Brazil , but I respect all kinds of religion, I like to meet new cultures, here in Brazil we have about 1 million Muslims.

Here the Islamic culture is also present in the city of Recife, 90 km from the hill of Gravatá . I do not like corruption and the problems of Brazil, and do not like any kind of drug.

I’ve done radio course & I like to listen to international radio broadcaster primarily, listening on shortwave radio DXing. This is the website of my Radio School I like internet and Games. I love comedy movies. I enjoy traveling, playing electronic & video games, surf the web, listening to music, radio or esculto get on the computer, I also like to program software, I can use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Firework, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver CS 5. My favorite hobby & interest is in technology.

Q: Tell me about something you have done that is very creative? What do you consider to be your greatest strengths?

Ans: I have a great ability to learn how to deal with technological equipment. I have the capability to learn fast.

Q: In which class do you read? What subjects you have to study in school? What is your favorite subject?

Ans: I Study in two years in the School de Referência em Ensino Medio Professor Antônio Farias. You can see the photos of my school by clicking this link. My school is at the distance of 20 mints walk. I study these subjects: Portuguese, English, Sociology, Art, Biology, Geography, History, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Entrepreneurship, Human Rights, Physical Education, and Philosophy. My favorite subject is History.

How much time do you spend in school? How many students are one Classroom? How many subjects are taught in one day?

Ans: I study from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We study English on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. My class has 30 students. We have to study 3 subjects when you have English period and we have to study 6 subjects on days without English period.

How many schools are in your area? caioschoolbuildingWhat is the best thing of your school? What thing you don’t like in your school?

Ans: There are many schools near my home in Gravata. Gravata have total 5 private and public schools. I think the best thing is that, I have good time with friends in school. At my school I do not like hourly charge (Private schools and schools in another state so there people studying one time, they study afternoon or evening. We study all day) of studies and very high, we have no day of the week to rest.

Q: Do students get pocket money on daily basis from their parents? Do parents borne all the expenses of the education?

Ans: If the student needs money from his father, it depending on the condition of his father, or the student finds time to work. I do not work, it is very difficult for under 18 to work, but some work in small market, small enterprise. When I need money I have to ask my parents.

Q: Do students get Home Work from school? How many vacations do you have from school?

Ans: We have 15 days vacation in June and one month in mid-December and returned to school in February. We do not have many home exercises but the teachers always give some home exercises to research and delivered work to be done at home.

Q: What facilities your schools provide to students? What fee a student has to pay to school?

Ans: Here the government invests heavily in education. Students purchase materials and pay fees in private schools. Public school students gain books uniforms and equipment such as bag and pencil and student do not pay to use school computer with WIFI. I study in public school I have the uniform that government sends. My school has many great teachers, internet and snack lunch.

Q: What kind of entertainment functions are arranged by your school? What type of study tours you have?

Ans: Science fairs and strolls are organized by our School. We like a lot of science fairs because along with many great teachers have Caiostudentgrpto organize projects. We travel and know new places and learn from it.

Q: If any student wants to learn English then what facilities are provided by school? How much time students take to learn English?

Ans: Here in Brazil we speak Portuguese & learn English in school but not so good, as to talk to you I use the Google translator. My school offers free English courses to students. If students engage much then in two years or less he can speak English very well. Now World Cup will be in Brazil and the government has invested in English course.

Q: Is there any difference between city schools and town schools?

Ans: Municipality schools come from the city to fund the budget, state schools are by state government and the money comes also comes from state government; the school where I study is the state government.

Q: What activities are banned for students? Is there any punishment for the student who breaks the rules of school? What rules of the school are not liked by students?

Ans: We cannot disregard the teachers and students, and is not allowed any kind of drug and alcohol, and we cannot use cell phone in class time, we are permitted to use the cell phone only in spare time or when the teacher is not in the classroom. It depends on the violation. In case of violating the rules student can be expelled from school and meet the criminal act if something very serious, he will be responsive to the child protection agency. He can answer to crime (child protection agency) which will be accompanied by psychologists and parents. He can also be punished. Students do not like the rule against cell phone use in class.

Q: For how much time a student uses internet in Brazil? Why mostly students use internet? Does every student have PC or they use internet on Mobile Phone?

Ans: Students almost spend theircaiobiber all free time on the Internet; about 70% of students have computers at their home today in Brazil. We can buy a computer with a good price though still without an expensive object. The mobile Internet in Brazil is not very expensive and the school has WIFI network and also provides computers if the student wants to do a search. Students use the internet to do schoolwork. I use on my phone and also have internet at home.

Q: When your school student will end? How many colleges do you have in your town? In which college will you get admission? What is major difference between school and college life?

Ans: I will complete high school study next year, Gravatá has only one university and it has very few courses. I want to go to the nearby town or have the option of making the university computer and study at home. I do not know that going into college, the main difference, the student will have more time and route until work.

Q: Normally in which age school student start dating?

Ans: When student are 16 to 17 year old then they seriously start dating. The first step and find a girl would ask her for a date, she has to accept the dating. If you would like you can ask her to marry, she may want to or not. There is no pressure from parents. As I said when we date, there is not any problem it’s a free country.

Q: What is your memorable day in the school? What is the memorable day in your life?

Ans: Helps us have a very structuredcaioschoolphoto school, study at the school where the teachers the school has newly notebook projectors image computers room for students, we will win the tablet later this year for the student to study When I do well on tests then I will celebrate days with my family. Christmas, New Year Anniversaries etc are my memorable days in life.

Q: What are your career goals? 

Ans: Study hard and achieve, and work in a large technology company. I love computer and want to do computer science.

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