Interview of the Creator of Pak Urdu Installer and Prominent Urdu Blogger Mr. M Bilal

It has been 4 years now since I’m using internet but during this time I did not get a single chance of reading an Urdu blog. Then I came across an article about Pak Urdu installer in the monthly ‘Global Science’.  ‘’ this link was given at the end of the article. I came to know for the first time about it as I visited this link in order to download the Pak Urdu Installer. Since then for three consecutive days, I did not do anything else but continued visiting the Urdu Blog page. Eventually, I decided to take an interview of Mr. M Bilal. Point to think is as to why I decided to interview him when there were so many other Blogs too. The answer is that nowadays every next person is hunting for solutions to their problems. He is not interested to know who you are and where you are from. People just want their personal issues to solve.

In his blog, apart from philosophical things there are many solutions to the peoples’ problems. Instead of working for his personal interest, he glanced upon the interest mbilalm.comof the people. If he could want, he could have generated a lot of money by making the software but he gave precedence to earn virtues rather than making money.  You must visit his blog once; you will certainly agree to my words after reading the comments of the people.

M.Bilal belongs to one of the landowner families of Gujrat. After qualifying in the degree of BS Computer Science, he is busy serving in the fields of I.T and blogging for the wellbeing of the young generation. Allah has bestowed him with Numerous Capabilities. One of them is that he is perfect in his art of explaining things to other in an effective way. In every word of his interview, you will observe the enthusiasm, indefatigable service and sincerity. May be this is the reason why he has requested of not putting up his picture in this interview. That is why his picture not publish in this interview.

Q: What have you done up until now?

Ans: I have written a detailed booklet on Urdu computing ‘Urdu and Computer’. I have also written a book on Urdu bogging name as ‘Urdu and Blog’ that includes technical information about blog and other websites. I also write tutorial. A part from this I have prepared a ‘Pak Urdu installer’ where I have added some Urdu press themes, board layout for Urdu, Urdu font installer and complete Urdu support. These are facilities available on my website without any cost.

Q: What are your further aims?

Ans: Now days I am busy in searching the problems about Urdu on end right operating system so that I can remove the hurdles for mobile and tablets. A part from this I am trying to introduce an installer by which computer can support Urdu and other local languages. In addition to this, my motive is to spread the knowledge in easy words. A common Pakistani can understand Urdu easily. Therefore, I want to work on development of Urdu language. A little knowledge which I have, want to spread in the people and I want to increase my knowledge. More over I also want to aware people and myself that live for them but as well, as remember Pakistan and humanity in their every act.

Q: what are you doing so?

Ans: Actually, my intention is to help my country and humanity as much as potential I have. I want to fulfill my duty. That is why I utilize my talent even it is a little job I try to complete my part. It is for my country that I am working on Urdu I want to arrange and supply knowledge in easy language and on few clicks so that common people also get knowledge. Moreover, after that according to his strength he do something better for his country. In this way, Pakistan will elevate and people will be prosperous.

Language is a basic tool for getting language. It seemed to be weak. Therefore, I started working on this to strengthen the basic step of learning. When it will become easy for people to type Urdu on computer or internet then mostly people will write Urdu then automatically every type of knowledge would be available in Urdu. By this a common Pakistani will get knowledge in simple language. I thought all the above and start my work on Urdu. To attain this purpose I am doing hard work. I hope you got your answer.

Q: How much time you utilize daily to update your blog?

Ans: I do not serve daily for blog. However, if we take average so I utilize 1 to 2 hour daily. This includes both typing and technical work.

Q: In Pakistan, inclination towards Urdu blog is increasing rapidly. What is the reason behind this?

Ans: I do not think it increased swiftly. People have been doing work on Urdu blog since 2005. Now we can see some more Urdu language on blogs. I think there are many reasons behind this rapid increase. This may include presence of large number of common people on internet who can easily understand Urdu language. Writing power and technical problems have solved which were a great hurdle between reading and writing Urdu. In addition to this, people are getting wise and they want to convey their message to the people. A large number of Pakistani people know Urdu. Therefore, anyone who has a little sense can easily understand that if he wants to convey his message among Pakistanis then he must use Urdu language. A part from this people are now getting that for advancement and development the initial step is to adopt their local language.

In my point of view all, these things are the inclinations towards Urdu blog.

Q: Are there any financial benefits in creating blog?

Ans: Off course, large number of bloggers are earning from blogs.

Q: Is there any bloggers association? What are its benefits? If it does not exist then what would be the benefits of bloggers association?

Ans: Still there is not any association for Urdu bloggers. There must be a bloggers association, which may help in circulation of Urdu blogging. Actually now a day we are intellectually working for Urdu blogging. There is an Urdu congress ‘Urdu Mehfil’, which has provided us a platform for ascertainment. If there will be an association then people will do work with more efficiently and liability. All problems will solve, challenges, targets will also attain. Moreover, organization will help for development for their blogs.

Q: You are in the field of I.T. what your designation in eyes of Urdu forums is?

Ans: The credit of promotion of Urdu language on internet goes to Urdu forums. In addition, mother of all forums is Urdu Mehfil. Urdu blogs are established due to Urdu Mehfil. A part from this, other Urdu forums are also working to promote I.T in Urdu language. Here I clarify a point that animated Urdu and roman Urdu forums are playing negative role. Occasionally we can use animations and roman Urdu but do not make it permanent. This is abundance with Urdu language.

Q: How did you get the idea to promote Urdu language on internet by making software ‘Pak Urdu installer’?

Ans: It was my old desire to make such software. However, by the time when I wrote many tutorial and booklet ‘Urdu and computer’ then I thought that it is enough to help the people. Then I read an article of ‘Abu Shamil’ in which he disclose that still people have trouble in Urdu support and font installation. In that article, he gave an idea that there must be software through which one can solve all his related problems. Moreover, that article of ‘Abu Shamil’ encouraged me and I decided to work on this quietly. By the grace of Allah, I completed my task and introduced ‘Pak Urdu installer’.

Q: Had any one helped you in completing this software? Alternatively, you did it by your own?

Ans: I take suggestions from different people on Urdu Mehfil forum. However, I alone search for different code and technical work. I was not able to do so but I did it with the help of Allah.

Q: What period you took to complete this software?

Ans: Word ‘period’ is not suitable here because it does not take years or months apart from this, I complete this in few days. Because I was interested in ‘Urdu computing’ for a long time. It was my old desire to make such software. So far, I did research on this. That is why I knew about its preparation steps. In easy words, I already worked on this before. Thus, the day when Urdu blogger Abu Shamil revived my faded desire from that day I met sleepless nights. From then I started my work and left all other I did continuously work 26 hours on computer. In 2 days, I got the idea for completing this software. After 4 days, the structure was completed. I continued working and in 9 days, I finished the basic software. Then I released it for testing but apart from this, I continued working for improvement. That time it were two different software one for windows xp and another for windows vista and windows7. Then I released single software, which may work on both windows. It was for 32bit operating system. Afterward I finished for 64bit. I mean, that a single software which can support all versions of windows either 32bit or 64bit. I completed all this in 23 days. In those days, I remained lost in my work and did not feel the change of dates. Now, when I think about those days I realize that at that time I was furious to complete my ambition as soon as possible.

If we talk about problems then I had only three problems. First, due to electricity load shedding I had to break my continuation on desktop and to work on net book, which is a small and slow machine. Second, problem was lack of 64bit operating system. On searching, I got that my friend’s cousin owned it. However, I was hesitate to borrow it either he will consider my problem or not. So, I decided to go his work place and worked there. Third, problem was to test my software. I did check software on my virtual machine but I wanted to try it on different computers like 32bit or 64bit. Thus, I visited my relatives and friends house or office to attain my goal. If I lived in a big city, I had not to face such problems but Allah solved all of my problems so that I was amazed. A hidden source was making me doing all these things. A moment came when I could not find a solution at the next second I had found a complete solution for that. In short, I only initiated this and Allah had to give me praise so he made me able to achieve this target.

Q: Up until now how many times have you updated this and in future what programs are you going to add in this?

Ans: Including all small and large updates, I have updated it just 5 times. Moreover, I want to add font for Pakistani local languages. Other different projects have already discussed before.

Q: Have you earned from this software or only you got prayers and blessings?

Ans: We earn what we desire to. Obviously, I got blessings because I worked for prosperity. Until now, I do not gain any financial profit and I have no greed for it. However, with blessings I also gained respect and fame in bonus. That is why I do not want financial benefits but only your prayers.

Q: What are your activities to fulfill your financial needs?

Ans: Well there are not any financial expenses. If any ‘chaca datta’ (villager) asks me about my profession then I tell him that I repair mobile phones. Another uncle knows little bit about computer so I tell him that I repair computers. People who know about websites I usually tell them that I make websites. For you I am a common web designer and developer. We belong to farmer’s family. We do not fly in sky, love without proud.

Q: Do you not have any attractive job offer after releasing this software?

Ans: I do not have any attractive job offer. See what happens in future.

Q: If any student wants to come towards field of software development then from where shall he start?

Ans: Such students must have to choose computer science in Matric. If one has passed matric without this subject then he may also come towards this field. He must be strong in mathematics and logics. If anyone is strong in mathematics then he could easily learn software languages. Here all is about desire. One who wishes to work in software development then in my point of view he should work according to his desire and wish.

Q: In which fields Pakistani can have better chances for development? What you suggest for the students?

Ans: As I told you before, student must choose the field according to his desire and work on it. You heard a dialogue from the movie ‘3 idiots’ in which he said, “Become qualified, success will automatically come to you”. That is why my suggestion is to become a competent in field of your desire and you will be succeeding.

Thus, we have nothing our own in computer accessories that are why, whatever field you chose must be a master in it and success will be yours.

Q: Many students want to do part time jobs on internet. In your point of view what is the better way for earning by internet?

Ans: Except compulsion, case in my point of view student does not have part time. They must concentrate towards their studies. It is not necessary just to read course books but you may get general knowledge from any other source. Many people are earning from ads on internet like the one Google ads. There is not any problem in this but I prefer many other different jobs for part time. Like translation or developmental works. People think that it is easy to earn from internet as a part time job but it is not such an easy task. It may be easy for those who have their business related to internet it can be a part time for them. However, for a student it is not suitable to call it part time. It is better to work on other websites as people are doing. For example, if one has to type or design something, he will ask you and if you are interested, you can work and they will pay for it.

 Q: Have you ever tried to earn from internet? What was the result?

Ans: If you are talking about earning by ads then of course I tried it and result was very good. I mean that I understand that it is worthless and is much better to earn by your own skills. I got that the time you will waste to earn from internet but you can earn by other means faster. Then I did not concentrate towards that again.

Q: What do you think that which things waste our time on internet?

Ans: Any work, which is not related to your business or is not increasing your knowledge, is wasting your time. Like chatting for time pass is just a waste of time.

Q: What is your point of view about the craze of using facebook among youngsters?

Ans: There are many parts of this answer. Like rush, apparent your selves, advertise yourself, knowledge, communication and fun are its easy parts. This is along debate. We cannot answer it in eight parts. I will try to write something about this on my blog.

Q: Do your family and relatives know the significance of your work? What is their review?

Ans: I do not know that they know the significance of my work or not. However, they give positive comments. By the grace of Allah, they are supportive and encourage me.

Q: For wellbeing of people, what are your further plans about writing booklet and making software?

Ans: I want to write on every type of knowledge, which I have, and I think that I must convey it to the people for their benefits. A part from this I will do work by which I can help nation Insha Allah.

Q: What is your destination for future?

A: I am working for attaining my ambition. Now I will get my destination or not I cannot say anything. Thus, I believe on working hard for destination and Allah decides every one’s future. I cannot say anything about future because situation is not always same.

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