Mr. Abdul Wahid the Director of Cick2Learn, Pakistan’s first online Education System

When I firstly visit ‘Click2learn’ and see that they only charge 500/- per month and prepare students for their exams, then I thought that in only 500/- per month what will they give us?  But when I deeply visited this website then I came to know that the goal they have achieved, if they charge 2000/- per month will be less for it. Curiosity increased and I desired to have a meeting with, by whom this project is originating. When I reached for an interview and during the interview, by observing there setup I really impressed with all that work.

I was confounded that a single person has established such a project in Pakistan for accomplishment of education which would be an obstacle for education in Pakistan. I can Mr. Abdul Wahidcontemplate that this project will help to increase the standard of education of Pakistani students. On his achievement how much we must be thankful would be less in front of his contribution. I am struck with astonishment that before this none of any educational institutes or any NGO’s conceives towards this.

Today, we are introducing you with Mr. Abdul Wahid, known business man of Karachi. He was chairman of ‘All Pakistan Food and Vegetable Association’. And now a day he is serving as a director of ‘click2learn’, for better education of Pakistani students.

Q:  For preparing board exams you have provided the service of online study. How does this idea blink in your mind?

Ans:  My friend Major retired Akram teaches computer science in FC College Lahore. He gave me the idea which gladdens my heart, but I decided to start it for welfare of people. It was my cordial wish to start a project which may reward me of charity for ever. So, my first priority is not to earn money, I just want to take part in raising the level of education by this project.

Q:  When you decided to launch the website ‘click2learn’, what were the expressions of your near ones?

Ans:  My family belongs to a business class. There is my personal clearing house in the custom house. I export food and vegetable from Pakistan to many other different countries. But when I decided to start this project, then every one discouraged me, my friends, family members, siblings, partners, I mean that every one was against of this project. They all had same concept that this is not related to my field and it is not an easy task.

Q:  What were the problems, you had to face in starting of this program?

Ans:  In starting days, we didn’t face any problem, to start this project we had to spent a lot of Mr. Abdul Wahidmoney and we did it Alhamdulilah. You can’t imagine the amount. But now we are facing someproblems because we were weak in the marketing of this project. Or may be this is a new idea in Pakistan and people are getting confused to understand this idea. Fact is that to introduce a new technology, mind development of the people for this, is a very difficult task.

I am very sorry to say that I our society internet am misused by people. Students are more concentrating towards abundance and lust. But we don’t give up and we are still seeing our brilliant future.

Q:  What are the services you provide to a student?

Ans:  Any student can prepare online according to all educational boards in Pakistan. Internet had not the facility for that. Alhamdulilah, we are the one who get the honor that we made the criteria to the syllabus of boards. We launched the website, here we have provided according to all educational boards and their curriculum to prepare a student himself in all subjects easily. I grantee that if a student joins this website will never be fail in exams instead of this he will be passed with grace marks.

On our website, for Matric (science and arts), FA, FSC, ICS, and students we have provided complete facility of learning, testing, attendance, performance. The material which we haveStaff of Click2Learn at Karachi Officeprovided to the students has the specialty that we didn’t scan and paste it from any where. But we have paid a huge amount and get services of special professors and teachers of educational system. They work hard and concluded the main idea of curriculum, which we have forwarded on our website. Now, any student of separate mental level would not face problem in understanding the material. However, this is the time of MCQs. And we have adopted this way for the sake of students. During test every question has different options, student has just to click and mark the correct one, at the same moment one can judge out his ability.

Click2learn can also be use on cell phones. So that those students whom don’t have computers can also get benefit from this. We made it very friendly and easy to handle. We put a complete monitoring support in it. Parents can also see the result report so that they will get to know that his child is studding or wasting his time in playing games.

This software program, keeps an eye on every student. For how long a student gets online and study, his test performance, he is weak in which subject. How much he has to work hard, we displays all this report. When a student gets his result, then his violent desire increases to work hard. Actually our work starts from where a student’s normal study ends. Basically this is our value edition program. Through this a student can get 24 hours support. You think for a while, in this country due to many reasons educational institutes release (leave), but we don’t take any leave. When ever you want to study you can do it at your home, give test, by connecting with our system student gain more benefits.

I want to direct attention of teachers related to educational system that they must visit our website at least once. Then they would came to know that if a student will concern with our website then a great change will occur in his life. The system which we have introduced will divide the burden of teachers as well as remuneration of a student will increase.

Q:  How may college and school going children be able to gain benefit from this website?

Ans:  No one has much time to take or give Mr. Abdul Wahidtest on daily basis but you can give test on our website daily in form of MCQs. I will suggest to students that after coming back to home from school or college what ever you have read there just gives a test, a single test takes less than 10 minutes. This is a short cut method, through this student can understand the method of entry test, and he learns that lesson for ever, which he has read in his school or college. This program is not only for private students but regular students are also gaining by this.

Q:  How much a student has to pay monthly fees to ‘click2learn’?

Ans:  We are giving a standard educational facility at very low cost. A student can study all subject by paying only 500/- per month. If we differentiate it with other countries then we will came to know that they charge 50 to 100 dollars per subject but in compare to this the fees that we are charging can’t even fulfill our monthly needs.

Q:  What response you got till know? And in future at what position you are considering your self?

Ans:  Many people have contacted us after visiting our website. A man came to me from Japan. He has opened a software office named DTS. He was impressed by our project. He told me that there is not any educational system like this in Japan. And they also want to do so.

Manager of ABC also contact with us and requested to design such a system through which his officer can easily deal with their customers on a single click. In addition to this, we are also getting good response from our students. Upcoming time is for internet and soon people will accept its importance. We are hopeful and Inshallah I am sure that this projects us in increasing educational level in Pakistan.

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