Mushroom-enthusiasts break ground in Murree

10269650_717255941650284_3076469312833721107_nMushroom Hunting Tour was organized by National Mushroom Hunting Club, its first time in the country’s history. Mushroom Hunting tour was arranged for one day to hunt wild mushroom in the hilly areas of Ghora Gali, Murree. The tour was a very informative for mushroom lovers to get trained, how to hunt and how to identify Edible and Non-Edible Mushroom. It was a milestone towards spreading awareness about the benefits of Mushroom. Yet Government is not sponsoring any kind of mushroom tour. The event was very important to promote export mushroom and earn foreign exchange.

A memorable day with full of adventure in Ghora Gali, Murree. I am so much thankful to Mr. Akhlaq Khan Kakar for inviting me in this Mushroom Hunting Tour. Did hiking on a route of 5 to 6 Km, it was a very beautiful valley. It was a tour of with lot of information and enjoyment.

20140406_161355Mr.Akhlaq Khan Kakar is a Mushroom Specialist and working on mushroom for 25 years. He was leading the Tour team. Participants had arrived from in from all over the country. They had to hunt mushroom on a 5km hiking track. Due to heavy rain in the morning the track became slippery but overall the weather conditions were awesome. The day was full of adventure and everyone enjoyed it enormously and all participants were served with lunch.

Truffle Mushroom is one of the most expensive mushrooms of the world and Pakistan has this treasure in abundance. It is quite harder to find Truffle Mushroom because it grows underground. Trained dogs are used to find the truffle mushroom but in Pakistan this kind of mushroom are found easily because when it’s raining, truffle comes out. The participants found good quantity of truffle mushroom in Ghora Gali hilly areas and also found 6 other types of mushrooms, Morels Mushrooms,  Coprinus Comatus, Earth Star, Tarzetta Catinus,  PezizaVesiculosa and Aleuria Aurantia.10247482_10153998145590573_9120422161919624937_n

National Mushroom Hunting Club is established by Qadir Bakhsh Farms, Mr. Tariq Tanveer is the C.E.O of Qadir Bakhsh Farms and they are working very hard for the awareness of the benefits of mushroom. He has arranged National Mushroom Festival in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad and Islamabad. He is also guiding people, how to grow mushroom in home and how it prevents from different type of diseases. He is also providing help to students by inviting them to his farms for research.

Mr. Muhammad Shahid came from Swat especially to join this Mushroom Hunting Tour. He himself is working on mushroom and he has done various projects with foreign Governments on mushroom. Currently, he is working with Italian government to provide training about cultivating mushroom and providing them kits to grow mushrooms in homes. ”Forests are not only for outing, adventure and picnic point, we can find a lot of mushroom in forest and this type of tour is very informative for the mushroom lovers and it spreads awareness how to hunt the hidden treasure of our land”. He said, “Mushroom is also available in Swat, Kalam, Bahrain, Madyan and Miandam and other NGOs & Government should also arrange such tours.”

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  1. Sarwat Khan

    Wonderful Adventure Tour Regarding Mushrooms promoting in Pakistan, and also have great work of Muneeb Junior, May Allah Blessing to all of you.


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