Shining Stars of USA

Jor­dan Romero

A 13-year-old Amer­i­can 5698_5 Jordan Romero boy became the youngest climber to reach the top of Mount Ever­est. Jor­dan Romero called his mother by satel­lite phone from the sum­mit of the world’s high­est moun­tain, 29,035 feet above sea level. The teenager with long curly hair who climbed Mount Kil­i­man­jaro in Africa when he was 9 years old, he says he was inspired by a paint­ing in his school hall­way of the seven con­ti­nents’ high­est sum­mits. Jordan’s climb­ing team reached the sum­mit hours ear­lier than expected.

Ever­est was his first chal­lenge above 26,240 feet. “Every step I take is finally toward the biggest goal of my life, to stand on top of the world,” Jor­dan said ear­lier on his blog.

Matthew Centrowitz, Jr.

Champion son of the champion athlete has won the 3rd prize in World Championship in Korea, 2011.Matthew Centrowitz, Jr. “They went so hard with 350 to go.  Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t cover it.  It was so hard and so fast,” explained Centrowitz about his position late in the race.

He was born on 18 Oct. 1989 in Annapolis, Maryland, USA. His father Matthew Centrowitz is two-time Olympian. Centrowitz closed the final circuit in a stellar 51.6 seconds and passed 5 others to secure a bronze medal.  Kenya’s Asbel Kiprop and Silas Kiplagat would goes 1-2 in the race.  The three medal winners, all born in 1989, were the youngest runners in the final. Centrowitz was awarded by 1st prize in Pan American Junior Championship in 2007 in Brazil.

Jesse Rodrigues

Jesse Rodrigues had been Jesse Rodriguesannounced as 2012’s Youngest Poet of Year at 13.  There was 7351 entries from 46 different countries for this competition. Jesse Rodrigues from Maine, USA, was the youngest of the panel 15 winners, at 13 years old. They were selected by judges Christopher Reid and Helen Mort, who won the award herself at 13. The panel said the prizes involved some “tough choices”. His poetry is really to appreciate.

 Fire Knows

Fire knows the wood’s secrets

As they hold their heated deliberations

Fire knows how to warm

Chilled hands, chilled feet, chilled faces

Fire knows how to dance and sway

To the sounds of the night

Fire knows how to belch and cackle

Exactly when you don’t want it to

Last, but not least, fire knows how to die with a flourish

A flame, a spark, a winking coal

Then cold, hard, black, silence

Young Poets of the Year Top 15

  • Naomi Hamilton, 16, Northern Ireland – The Wilderness
  • Conor McKee, 17, Kent – Hemingway’s Thirst
  • Clare Carlile, 17, Sheffield – The standard Hymn
  • Tallulah Hutson, 16, London – The Accident
  • Abigail Setchfield, 17, Bedford – Reduced
  • Emily Burns, 17, Pittsford Manhattan – Minutiae
  • Sarah Fletcher, 17, London – Brighton
  • Jessica Kelham-Hohler, 17, London – Jim
  • Phoebe Stuckes, 16, West Somerset – Reach/Throw/Wade/Row
  • Sonja Moore, 16, San Diego USA – The Frame
  • Jesse Rodrigues, 13, Maine USA – Fire Knows
  • Flora de Falbe, 16, London – Five things in regards to the lake
  • Dillon Leet, 16, London – Birthday Present
  • Phoebe Boswall, 17, Kent – Baking
  • David Carey, 17, London – The Apple Tree

Jonathan James

James was dishonor when he became the first childish to be sent to prison for hacking. He was punished when he wasJonathan James just of 16 years old. According to him, he was just looking around, playing around. James’s most important invasion targeted high-profile organizations. He installed a backdoor into a Defense Threat Reduction Agency server. The backdoor he created allow him to view sensitive emails and capture employee usernames and passwords. He also hacked the computers of NASA; James stole the software worth approximately $1.7 million. According to the Department of Justice, “The software supported the International Space Station’s physical environment, including control of the temperature and humidity within the living space.” NASA was forced to shut down its computer systems, ultimately racking up a $41,000 cost. James explained that he downloaded the code to supplement his studies on C programming, but contended. Years later, James killed himself.

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