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Usama Arshad

A young blogger and talented student from Lahore, Pakistan. More than a blogger he is a good student. At the time of Usama Arshad writing, blogging everyday gives me opportunity to seek and learn something new. Day by day Usama is getting familiar to blogging. He steped in blogging with a attention to earn, but he do agree earning money online is not easy specially for a noob but Usama mentioned before, he is learning new things every day and getting familiar with new things and tricks. He just have completed his matriculation and entered high school and started his intermediate at GC University Lahore.

His blog is limited to covering Business and Tech Updates i.e; From Entrepreneurship, career, job seeking skills, net worths to Iphone, android and Blackberry. He quote his blog as KNOWLEDGE IS POWER – as he strongly believe in it!

Other than sitting in-front of PC, he plays cricket and loves to hang out with friends. He must mention this that he has some great friends from whom he always learn something new. Usama Arshad love to play video games too.  He often spend time watching and reading lifestyle of Successful People, It provides him motivation. His favorite personality is ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

Usama do love blogging but he is not going to relay on blogging in his future – but he do agree he will never leave it. It’s Fun, always learn something new by blogging. And it provides him a platform to share his thoughts but he don’t see his future in Blogging only. He also have some other plans.

Mirza Hamayon Baig

Mirza Hamayon Baig is a talented Mirza Hamayon Baig and genius guy, from Gujrat, Pakistan. He is well mannered and social person. He is very cooperative and helps others in finding out the solutions of their problems. He stepped into blogging about 3 years ago and probably has never looked back. Now days he is running a very good and informative blog named, on this blog he post about technology news and hacks and also have a category about business and guide entrepreneurs and he is also running some niche sites. He also provides training for niche sites. He started from creating some crappy sites with horrible domains, but He kept learning the art and ended up becoming what he is today. And, what he is today is a proud tech lover, blogger and decently working search engine expert. The reason why he is in love with all this is not money. And, to surprise you, it is not even fame and popularity. The only reason why he is blogging is for the people. He love to be read and that feeling is what he do everything for. That feeling people are reading, believing and using his tips and advices. That’s what inspires him every single time and makes his passion shine like a star and burn him from inside with the desire to be the best.

Usama Mujtaba

A softwareusamamujtaba engineer from Pakistan, dedicated to make a name for himself in world of technology – Usama was never good at studies. The main reason being, all great people run counter to false traditions of society. While his parents, like most of parents, wanted him to be a doctor or engineer when he would grow up, Usama was looking for something else. Usama’s aim has never been to do something for money, but to do something so great that he can help others around him. He realized it at early age that if he follows the path set by his parents, he might never be able to achieve his goals. His first step in world of blogging was Farmvillers. At first, as expected, he did not get any support from his family. However, he kept on working and soon his family recognized his capabilities.

It was just a start. Working at Farmvillers equipped him with the tools he needed to construct the world of his dreams. His first contribution to world of technology was TechBeasts. This site is well-known for its credibility and transparency, it maintains with it’s viewers. He has helped many people to start a good career. Usama is dedicated to maintain a good relation with his viewers and he is working day and night to make his dreams come true.

Haseeb Ahmad

He is student of 2nd year FSC6631_412662545476657_1843401827_n pre-medical in Punjab College. Haseeb is a young blogger from Liaquatpur, Rahim Yar Khan Punjab. Haseeb started as web security analyst 4 years ago and then moved towards blogging and web developing, the reason was earning and learning. First he created a blog then merges it in “ – Learn More” which is an International E-journal. Now he is serving “ – Learn More” as an editor of IT category. Writing is his passion and he can write about any niche from health to travel, IT to history, Current affairs to gardening. He is the Founder of First Online Islamic Publishing Platform “Voice Of Muslim Ummah”, It works just like Google’s Blogger, where you can create free Islamic Websites. Voice of Muslim Ummah is now sponsoring more than 300+ Islamic Websites.

Mujahid Rana

FarmVille is the best online game; it is a simulation game in which we can create the farm of our dreams by using 405874_369188106520441_531242802_n hundreds of crops and trees, thousands of animals, and decorations galore. 18 million people play this game monthly. We can also play this game on Mobile.

Mujahid Rana is currently studying in Punjab group of colleges Sialkot, Pakistan. The most amazing thing is that Mujahid Rana is the number one player in the world who reached at 30,000+ Level. When he was sharing his experience about FarmVille, he said “People only reached at 100+ levels in a year. I challenge that no one can create a farm like this”.His Farms are the most creative and beautiful loaded with every kind of decorations and with amazing animals like Unicorns; Pegasus etc. Here are some links of screenshots of his creative Farms. Link 1Link 2 and Link 3.

Mujahid Rana is now interested in blogging and he has started his blogging life accidently while playing Farmville to provide news/updates about Farmville so the Fans of Mujahid Rana can get all these informative news/updates at one platform. After rocking the Farmville world he gets losing his interest in Farmville and gradually he left it because he achieved his target.  Mujahid Rana loves to create meme’s/rage comics he have a creative mind that helps him to create a creative comics/Trolls. He always love to spread smiles on their faces that are weeping and bored from their life, he just created a new about rage comics/trolls on September 1 2012. Now a days he is working on this blog and getting it popular day by day.

His mission is to make it number one blog in the world which provides good quality comics, each post of Mujahid Rana is amazing/funny, the fans of Mujahid Rana always wait for his new post they also love to waste their time at Rana’s blog when they are wasting their precious time on other things. He is also running a Facebook Fan Page about Trolling. He is a full time blogger and SEO/HTML expert. In future he will be a popular as a Pro blogger. His favorite quote “know must about 1 thing and something about everything”.

Salman Baig

A brilliant school student Salman Baig from Peshawar has created an attractive blog In 2011 he came in the field of blogging and web-designing, but he was interested in blogging so he leaved web-designing and became a full time blogger. Salman likessalmanbaig to learn more and more about computer and to share the information with his blog readers.

Blogging is not a small field and there are millions of blogs and every blog is unique and different from each other, Every blog have unique information and every author want to share unique and useful information with their readers. Usually he gives more importance to read other blogs, Reading other blogs motivates him to write and share the topics with his blog readers. Salman Baig said “It takes a lot of time but it’s the main thing in blogging. I spend more than 3 hours a day to write, to share and to optimize my blog in search engines. My every blog post is published with a hope to help my readers and teach them the basics of blogging and SEO, There are a number of bloggers but usually they don’t know about Search engine optimization, But SEO is a most important thing in blogging and I’m trying my best to teach the basics of SEO to newbies”.

Salman Baig knows much about hacking, when it was asked to him, how did he enter in the field of hacking? Then Salman said “When I was new in the internet, I didn’t know anything about social media, blogging etc. My friends told me to join facebook and connect with them, I did so! After few days I saw some people’s posted websites hacked by them. I really amazed to see hackers as I saw their news once on television. I asked them to teach me hacking too, they ignored and that day was the bad day of my life!

I started searching about hacking and I gone deep in this field, but my parents warned me to leave hacking as this is a destructive thing and I leaved it forever.”

Salman baig said to all bloggers and newbies that blogging is a good field but study is important than Blogging so do blogging with your study.

Hasnain Syed

Hasnain Syed is a talented and 1290072_685335844827786_1011693249_n genius guy, from Islamabad, Pakistan. He is the student of 1st Year (ICS) in IMCB H-9 Islamabad. Hasnain started web designing about 2 years ago. The reason of web developing was earning and learning. He created a social community network “”. It is an international social community network. Now he is working on “ and”. His facebook fan page is He is a young web develop. He knows HTML and CSS, now he is learning JavaScript. Hasnain have a bright future. He is successful in such early age. Hasnain is keen to learn new things. He wants to establish a NGO to help the poors in future as soon as his engineering gets over.

Journalist, Android Application Developer and Web Designer. Writes article about IT in Roznama Dunya. I Interview Prominent Personalities & Icons around the globe.

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