How do Hacker Hack Passwords

Phishing or Fake Login Pages

Phishing is very useful trick for hackers to hack someone’s account. They create fake login pages and send the URL to the victim and ask then to login his/her facebook/Email account & when victim put his/her username & password on the fake page, that input data is sent to the hacker & they can easily hack victim’s account. In phishing, hacker need to develop a page using PHP and HTML. The fake page that is created by hackers exactly resemble yahoo, gmail or facebook login page.

Key­log­gers (Spying Softwares)

Keylogging is one of the most important and common way to hack facebook, gmail, yahoo & and Hotmail password. Keylogger capture every key you enter on the keyboard.  There are two types of keyloggers (Software keylogger & Hardware Keylogger). Software keyloggers are installed on the victim’s PC then hacker get all keystrokes from that keylogger via email/ftp. Hardware keyloggers are connected between keyboard & PC. There is flash memory where all keystrokes are saved. Keyloggers support two types of monitoring depending upon their efficiency and quality.


Local Monitoring/Remote Monitoring Keyloggers

Local Mon­i­tor­ing key­log­gers are used to monitor a per­sonal com­puter. Whereas Remote Monitoring key­log­gers are used to monitor both local pc’s as well as remote pc’s.

Social Engineering or Guessing Passwords

Social engineering or guessing is another method use to hack passwords and personal information. A hacker guesses victim’s password or secret question to hack the password. Be careful to provide your personal information on any social network.

Mobile Phone Hacking

There are any spywares and softwares to monitor mobile phone. Check your mobile phone and scan it. If any hacker will get your mobile then, he will install any spyware of software to monitor your mobile & when you will login your social network profiles from mobile then hacker will receive your passwords.

Dictionary attack

The fastest way used to break the password is a dictionary attack. There is cracking application (like L0phtCrack) which is loaded with the dictionary words. Hackers run this application for hacking victim’s password. Instead of typing all combination of characters, they only try to find out the password with the dictionary words.

Hybrid attack

This is a well-known way to hack the password. Hacker add numbers or special characters at the end to the password in a hybrid attack to successfully crack the password. Lot of people simply changes their password by adding numbers at the end of their current password.

Brute force attack

Brute force attack is a time taking method used to hack the password. In this method hacker manually check every key until the correct key is not entered. L0phtcrack can also be used in a brute force attack.

Most Commonly Used Passwords

Many people don’t give any importance when choosing a password for their account. There are some commonly used passwords for you so you may have an idea to select different and strong password.

1. 123456, 123, 123123, 01234, 2468, 987654, etc

2. 123abc, abc123, 246abc

3. Own Name, country of origin, city of origin, mobile no., God name

4. Favorite Song, Band, sports, cartoon, movie character, zodiac signs

5. I love you, password, monkey, computer, babygirl, princess

6. All numbers, Some word in the dictionary

7. Combining 2 dictionary words, any of the above spelled backwards

8. aaa, eee, llll, 999999, and other repeat combinations

Please change your password if it is matching with the above mentioned passwords.

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