Interview of Evgeniy Popik, Android Theme Designer of Solo Launcher

Designing an Android Theme is not an easy job; it is quite tough now to dominate even if you are very skillful. Evgeniy Popik is young self-made Expert Android Theme Designer from Ukraine. He has shared information regarding Android Theme Development, he has an inspiring story. I am thankful to Mr. Evgeniy for this interview.

Q: Please share something about yourself and how did you join this field?

Evgeniy-Popik-android-theme-designerA: I’ve always been interested in electronics, computers, phones and gadgets. I also have professional skills in Adobe Photoshop and I like to edit photos and do something interesting in this software. I have not studied it in my school. I was out of work for almost a year, I consumed that time is a positive way & started learning the basics of Java and Android programming. I was interested in creating graphics for the Android-devices for different Launchers. My first project was “iOS7 GUI Theme”. It took me almost 6 weeks to complete it and this theme was with more than 1500+ different icons that resembles Apple iOS icons. I had one goal – to make something that will be popular with users.

It took 4 months and my theme exceeded over 2 million downloads, and active users were about 300,000. It was really surprising for me, I couldn’t believe that I have achieved such milestone because I didn’t advertise or promoted my application.

One day I got a message from the Head of the Solo Team Cooperation. I was offered to make a theme iOS, I decided to try, and as a result of my work I earned a decent amount in a month. In next month, I got more than the average working man in Ukraine for the year. This was even hard to imagine, that was unforgettable feeling when you do what brings you pleasure and it is my dream job.  I always dreamed of working in this field, and perhaps the fate brought me to where I wanted. I never had a problem with Solo Launcher Team, they are a great team, always responsive and help me if I need something.

Q: How long you have been designing themes and working with Solo Launcher?
A: I have been Designing Themes for more than 1 year with Solo Launcher. Before that it was just my hobby and I like to do it.

Q: What qualities make a theme perfect? How much time it takes to develop a good theme?
A: I believe that if you design the theme in a certain style, you need to consider all of its parts and to use appropriate icons for each application. The color scheme of the wallpaper and icons should be harmonious, it is very important. I used to spend a lot of time. A good theme can be done in 2-3 days but there will be no more than 50-100 icons. Another thing is Icons Pack; a quality icon pack can take 2 weeks to a month.

blurry-solo-themeQ: How many themes you have designed yet? Which is the best theme you have made?
A: To be honest, I did not even say. Many .. They can be found in my main accounts in Android Play Store Blaze PXAPPS, Blaze Art and Blaze PXAPPS Theme.

Q: How a newbie can become a good Android Theme Designer?
A: Now there are plenty of lessons available on both, websites and YouTube. So this is not a problem anymore. I started learning with lessons on various forums, mainly at You can find a lot of useful information.

Q: What is the feedback of users of your themes?
A: Sometimes users have problems or they want to have new icons for specific applications. So they contact me and I make new updates.

Q: What problems did you face in your career in Ukraine?

Theme Designed by Evgeniy Popik

Theme Designed by Evgeniy Popik

A: There are lots of problems, it is very hard to find work, and the salary is very low. Many of my friends have left Ukraine in search of better living.

Q: Please share your major achievements?
A: My main achievement is that I am doing exactly what I really love, as well as I will be able to financially support my family soon. In the future, I want to do another important achievement for myself; it is to see Solo Team in Beijing. I have not been invited yet, but because we have a bad situation in the country so it is difficult for me to leave.

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