Interview of Madam Nighat Jahan H.M. Cork’s G.B.S.S. (English Medium) Muslimabad Karachi

Madam Nighat Jahan our school’s pride and respect. It is an honor for me that she gave me a chance to take her interview. By this, you can imagine her good and distinguished nature. Whatever I asked her she answered me directly and truly in a great style. Our school has co-education system. She told me about influence of co-education system on students. In this interview, there is a message for all Pakistanis. After reading this, you will surely agree with her views. So there you go. Read the interview of Madam Nighat Jahan the principal Cork’s English Medium School Muslimabad.

Q: Tell something about your education and family background?

Ans: I did BSc, BA, Bed, MA 25112011245and Med. My father was a chief Engineer. My mother was BA and Bed from Ali Garh University. My Maternal grandfather was Capitan in Army and my paternal grandfather’s grave is inside the Ali Garh University. Our family migrated from India to Pakistan. The point is that if we see 60 years back at that time my family was highly educated since then. My mother opened a school in Karachi to utilize her capability, social work and to groom the new generation.

Q: What was your ambition? Have you joined education field on your father’s desire or it was your decision?

Ans: I wanted to be a doctor. I did not get good marks in Intermediate but got first division. However I got good marks in Bsc. I could easily get admission in MBBS but in those days, administration was directing Karachi students to Hyderabad or Nawabshah medical college.  My parents were not allowing me to go far for studies. So my ambition foiled to become a doctor. My mother recommended me to do Bed because after Nationalization Bed was considering as an international degree. Although people had considered medical or education were good fields for girls. After this as I got education in inheritance so I automatically joined this field and I gain eminence in this field.

Q: After this affiliation to the field of education what are the responsibilities you had occasions to accomplish?

Ans: Education department see my education record. Educational department has handover me the responsibility of sub divisional education officer. Afterwards our director made me incharge of District East complain cell. I was the member of visiting team and invigilation team. A part from this I got opportunity to work in board office. I did not consider education as a source of income. However, I have taken it as a mission and tried my best to fulfill my duty.

Q: What is your experience of being HM of Cork’s school?

Ans: This experience is so25112011253 nice because I am getting opportunity to refine the generation. I got charge of this school in May 2008. I got best English medium school and my staff is very nice. After joining to Cork’s school, I think that all powers must reserved to the head of the institution. However, it is not like that and we have no powers. Without powers to run, a school is very difficult. We cannot take any action against those who create problems in the system. Now days we are facing problems that are not solving from a long time. Our experienced science teacher has retired and we do not have any replacement yet. He was teaching very well. Children’s progress is affecting after his retirement. We requested many times to the authorities that we need science teachers. A part from this we need computer teacher too. However, we do still not have any response. I request to education department to solve our problem as soon as possible.

Q: What works have you done for the betterment of students after becoming the HM of Cork’s school?

Ans: As an HM of institute, it is my responsibility to keep an eye on the student’s education.  Either he is rich or poor his education must not get a break by any hurdle.  Alhamdulillah we are fulfilling this responsibility with a great interest. Since I have taken this responsibility, I encourage students towards co curricular activities that never happened before.  SUPARCO arranged competition in 2011 on topic of ‘world space week’. Our school also participated in this competition and their hidden talent came in front of us. To participate in an event we were required a big amount of money and we had provided that money. The big achievement is that when I became the HM then students started to get A or A+ grades.

Q: How government school’s students can get more marks then private school’s student?

Ans: Government school’s students are not less than any other. They are more intelligent and talented then private school students. You can imagine the power, talent and intelligence by this example.

In SUPARCO, competition Mama Parsi Girl’s school got first position. However, Cork’s government school was on second position. How could this government school came in Top three schools among Karachi schools? So I can confidently say this that government school students are not only equal to private school students in education but also in other activities.

Actually, the problem is that when HM do strictness or ask them to teach properly or to be regular. Then if teacher has a high source, they transfer to the HM or they transfer themselves to another school. In that schools the ratio of students and teachers are 50/100. In this situation, how can an HM control a school or a student get good marks?

Q: What impact does coeducation system make on students?

Ans: Both positive and 25112011240negative impact is on students. I studied in coeducation. However, the truth is that now coeducation is creating bad impact on girls and boys. That is why I will never support to coeducation. I do not like coeducation system. These are the remaining of Britishers. They had gone but left their custom, which is implementing until now.

 On the other hand, another problem in coeducation is, if a boy studies well, a girl comes, and start flirting with him then the boy loses his concentration in studies. Is not it bad with the boy? Now if a girl studies well and a boy tries to flirt with him either she does not replies but she becomes disturb. The result of coeducation system is still same as it was 60 years before. Like mango has the same taste since ever. Parents must concentrate on this do not send your daughters in coeducation system. My point of view is, if new buildings are constructing new institutions are establishing then we should separate the girls and boys campuses. If girls and boys schools will be, separate then it will be beneficial for students. If government becomes serious then this problem can easily solve.

Q: What is the reason behind lack of confidence among  government school students?

Ans: When a person is balance from every side like economically and established socially then he can move confidently. The biggest problem in lack of confidence is instability of status and economics. Due to fewer opportunities, students become underestimated and lack of confidence starts due to less resources. A part from this by every type of restriction, questioning on everything like when, where, how etc makes children unconfident. They hesitate in front of everyone and cannot covey their message. If anyone thinks that he fit in society then confidence automatically establishes his self by this positive thinking.

Q: Are you satisfied on the condition of government schools?

Ans: I am not satisfied even a bit. Due to service security in government schools teachers want just their salary but do not want to teach. However, they want to rest at home and only want salary.

Q: Does any student of government school can achieve good marks without taking help from coaching centers?

Ans: What else students can do if teachers do not teach in schools. Students will go anywhere to study. An O level’s student takes tuitions of 6000 rupees per subject. If top school’s students are taking tuitions then there is nothing wrong if a government school student takes tuition. Teachers have thinking that either they will teach or not they get the salary. You tell me in this situation what will a student do? These situations force to take help from somewhere else.

Q: What kind of acts of children makes you angry?

Ans: I like naughty children because I was also a naughty child. However, if children do misbehave then it makes me angry or they do not follow instructions.

Q: What is the reason behind student’s low interest towards studies?

Ans: Family problems affect 100% on the children. Actually, parents are responsible for moral and educational development of children. We can only convey book knowledge to them or can only increase their qualification. However, parents can only do behavioral development.

Parents must have to keep check and balance on their children. Either they are going to school, taking interest in studies or not. Parents have to meet teachers or HM to enquire the progress of their children.

Q: Government is providing free textbooks. Is this not a positive action?

Ans: It has no gain because beside this prices of other things have increased so much. Only free textbooks cannot fulfill their needs they have to provide them other facilities too.

Q: What is the role of parents in making their child a student?

Ans: Parents want that their children study well but they do not fulfill their responsibilities. Real moral development starts from Montessori until fifth class it completes. Primary teachers are the main reason for immoral development. If teachers will be educated then they can only concentrate towards primary students. Parents have to understand this matter too.

Q: Do you think that government school teachers are honestly fulfilling their duty?

Ans: Not at all, whenever any pressure comes on them they start working otherwise they want to sit at home and get salary. They are not scared of Allah.

No one is fulfilling his duty with honestly. Nor they are considering that they are running the future of their generation.

Q: How the situation of Pakistan is improved?

Ans: First point is that if the HD that is controlling the organization is supporting evil deeds then how we shall change the situation. Department of polish is needed to be abolish. Make a new force with honest people and give them responsibility to keep check and balance. Private security agencies must ban. Security guards are responsible for the robbery cases.

Q: What shall we do to protect our country?

Ans: According to contemporary situation of Pakistan, only Allah can save our country. However, I tell you one thing that the political parties and the condition of our country is not good. In my point of view we have to handover, our country to Saudi government before any other non-Muslim attack it is better to become a part of Islamic state. If Shariah of imputation as is in Saudi if imposed in Pakistan the situation can improve. If, we want to be ruled by any other country.  Why not Saudi Arabia? At least we will be under a Muslim state. Non-Muslim countries are keeping an eye on our natural resources. By spreading turmoil, they want to overcome on Pakistan. Before evil sources take any decision, our government must concentrate towards this matter and think about my point.

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