Interview of Prof Dr Mr. Jens Mueller Management Consultant & Associate Professor for Entrepreneurship & Strategy at Waikato Management School, NZ.

Highly educated Management Consultant, Professor Dr Mr. Jens Mueller. Executive Chairman/Director of the 6 world’s leading organizations & Associate Professor for Entrepreneurship and Strategy at Waikato Management School, NZ. All those entities and prominent leaders who meet him & contact him for his services they become his fan. Due to his extra-ordinary professional management skill, all the worldwide companies consult him for their solutions & for the growth of their business.

A short introduction about Prof Mr. Jens Mueller current professions: Associate Professor at Waikato meullerManagement School, New Zealand. Visiting Professor at NIU’s College of Business, California. Executive Chairman of Triaxis Ltd. Executive Chairman of ToshComputers Pty Ltd. Publisher at RossiSmith Ltd. Foundation Chairman at International Quality Education Foundation & Director of PHARMAC, NZ.

With great skill he can speak 8 different languages & he is fond of tourism. He has traveled the world’s leading countries. Although his life is very busy but he still make time to do something for the tourism as well. Appreciator who hired his services are in all over the worldwide. Prof Mr. Jens Mueller has his photos in his facebook account with all the leading personalities of the major countries of the world. Which is the proof that he is successful, having extra-ordinary abilities & he is a great man. Despite all these abilities when I asked him for time to interview, he took some time out of his precious time and gave me an interview. Wholeheartedly, I am so much grateful to him. I hope his interview will be very beneficial for the people of every country.

Q: Tell me about yourself; what is the highest level of your education & from where you received your education?

Ans: MBA, NIU, DeKalb, USA. Juris Doctor, Western State Univ. College of Law, California, USA. Masters of Law, Golden Gate University, California, USA. Masters of Advanced Management, Drucker Claremont University, California. PhD, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Q: Where you passed your childhood life and how was it? What you wanted in your childhood to become in future?

Ans: Grew up in Germany and always wanted to travel – and I did.

Q: When you started your first job & what you had to struggle to reach at this position? What is your greatest strength?

Ans: I was hired to drive the CEO and then quickly was moved up to sales person and then pretty much ran the company after 7 years.

Q: How would you describe your ideal job & which work made you bored?

Ans: I loved to be a CEO/Chair of a large company when I was younger, but now I really enjoy teaching other younger managers.

Q: In such engagement, how do you make for your family & entertainment?

Ans: I work for money 1/3 of my time, I give back as free 1/3 of my time, and I play and enjoy life 1/3 of my time.

Q: What goals do you have in your career & how do you plan to achieve these goals?

Ans: I have a rolling 10 year plan and so far i am sticking pretty well to it.

Q: What accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction in your life?

Ans: Producing the first few books was very exciting and satisfactory.

Q: With which prominent personalities you have got the opportunity to spend time and who impressed you most and why?

Ans: I have met and worked with US Presidents Reagan, Clinton and Bush Sr., Benazir Bhutto and more than 2 dozen other world leaders.

Q: What qualities do you feel a successful education system should have? Which country has the best education system?

Ans: The best eduction system is the one where the professors believe they are employment agents for their students and teach relevant skills for practical application. The US, New Zealand, Australia probably do that best.

Q: Give me an example of when your ideas were strongly opposed by a co-worker or administrator. What was the situation? What was your reaction? What was the result?

Ans: Never really happened.

Q: Which thing makes make happy & when you are sad, how do you handle that situation?

Ans: I believe in having good friends nearby, and I lean a lot on them when I need support.

Q: Which habits of other people you don’t like? How do you express your anger?

Ans: I am never angry. If someone annoys me I simply ignore them and walk away. I don’t like it when people supposedly ask for your opinion and then continue to talk non-stop…

Q: What are your goals for future? Are you waiting for the completion of any desire?

Ans: I am the height of my career and very happy with my professional life.

Q: What would you like to say in the message for the youth?

Ans: Do not let others tell you what you cannot achieve but make an effort to reach goals everyone says you cannot reach.

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