Interview of Ramis Ali, Brilliant Shining Star of Pakistan

Ramis received Distinction Award in AS level (first year of Alevels) top in Islamabad.

Ramis Ali is a young, talented and genius student who has scored 7 A*s and 1 A in O-levels and 3 A*s in A-Levels. Ramis has received acceptances from 5 British Universities, including a 20,000 £ offer from University of Glasgow. He topped in Islamabad in AS level (first year of A-levels) (best across 3 subjects) Physics, Chemistry and Math, he also topped in A-Levels in North Pakistan, best across 3 subjects. Ramis Ali is a founding member of ‘Road to Humanity’ a social work society that helps the deserving people. He is a bright shining star of Pakistan, he is currently enrolled in NUST in Bachelors of Electrical Engineering, here is an interesting interview of Ramis Ali for our valued readers.

How did you manage to secure top positions in your study along with extracurricular activities?

Well, I believe studies and extracurricular go hand in hand.  You cannot just indulge in one and forget the other. No doubt, education has its own significance, but the experience gained via other ventures is equally essential in nurturing ones skills and abilities. Being a fan of cricket and volleyball, I always take out time on weekly basis for exercise and sport, for it not only keeps the mind sharp, but keeps one physically balanced and composed. Thus, involving in such skill-sharpening activities is more of necessity than the leisure part.

How do you think Science & Technology is changing our daily life?

Receiving Award for Distinction in A-levels at Roots College International Annual Ceremony at Convention Center.

Science and technology are exponentially changing since almost the past decade. Everything is evolving so rapidly, that not keeping up with the pace of it leaves one in great loss. Our lives are constantly changing, for each sunrise brings in new discoveries and inventions, making our lives easier, yet complex!

What is the impact of Social Media?

Social media has greatly influenced the way our society thinks.

Where it has made the world more connected, it has also brought along some adverse affects.  Circulation of false news, blind following of ‘trends’, compromising of privacy are a few to name. But again, the use of almost anything in the world, I believe, depends on the user. If utilized in a certain manner, social media may help to bring communities together to resolve their issues, to yield a common voice.

You are best across three, Physics, Chemistry and Math, What are your favorite topics in Physics and Chemistry?

Electricity and magnetism are some of the core chapters that I like in physics whereas Organic chemistry has always been a pleasure to study.

Please tell about “Road to Humanity”? How is it helping deserving people and what is your role in it?

Ramis presenting Road to Humanity at SEECS NUST.

I feel honour in taking up a responsibility, directing all my efforts and time towards achieving a certain task. Taking up a challenge, and getting it done is one of the best feelings in the world. Last year, we were faced with the challenge of establishing a student-charity organization, “Road to Humanity”. Through dedicated execution, we managed to successfully launch donation drives, visit to orphanages, ration drives and blood donations.

Usually Poets are imaginative but you have lots of achievements, how your interest developed in poetry and what are you bringing for readers in your upcoming book?

There are many ways in which one reacts to the outer crevices of our own immediate surroundings. I believe that God has gifted each one of us with the ability to assess and express ourselves. And I am blessed with the ability to observe and reflect to the varying scenarios around me.  To be able to make a quick assessment in any possible situation is a blessing. Over the years, this has had an impact on the way I think, and now, it feels ecstatic to be so close to publishing my first anthology of English poetry, Chroma, on which I have been working for the past two years.  Chroma, as the word suggests, is a plethora of emotions and observations, ranging from various scenarios of life, historic and ongoing events, and matters that affect our lives.

Would you like to share few verses?

Following are some verses from my poem “Odyssey”:

When autumn falls, & the sky turns pale.

In shattered memories, let us sail.

Far away from smiles all fake,

In boundless joy, these miles we’ll make.

Who is your ideal and inspiration? Why?

Inspiration is something one can get from anyone or anything. My inspiration is not limited to a specific person or phenomenon. I am inspired by anything that touches my heart, something that has an effect on me. Feeling is what makes a soul lively. Human being is a plethora of emotions. To feel the emotions of others, the situation they may be going through, inspires me to the core of my heart.

What makes NUST best? Please share some moments and life of NUST?

At National Institute of Science and Technology (NUST)

NUST is one of the finest institutes of Pakistan, and it is a matter of great honour and blessing to be a part of it.  NUST has various salient features, making it one of its kinds. The innovative ambiance, the apex of competition, the diversity of people, and the fantastic infrastructure are some of the things that make NUST what it is. And all this really has an impact on the way we think, which may lead us to new horizons. Being a part of NUST is no less than a blessing. Proud to be a Nustian!

What improvements would you like to suggest for enhancing our Education System?

1) Establishment of renowned foreign university campuses

2) Revision and updating of current intermediate system

3) Creation of a fair environment for both A-levels and FSC students.

4) Solid steps to ameliorate government schools condition

What changes you wish to see in Pakistan?

We, the people of Pakistan, must strive to make Pakistan Great Again.

National Interest over Personal Interest.

One kind act at a time.

What are your suggestions for other students?

Being a student myself, I’d say that hard work always pays off in the end. It is not a cliché. Being disheartened over a bad time is only going to make things worse. So keep going, heads down, hopes high.

Only you know the struggle you have done, or are doing to get to your goals, and once you get there and look back from where you have come, believe me it is the best feeling in the world!

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