Shining Stars of India

Akrit Jaswal

Akrit Jaswal per­formed a surgery at the age 7. Now 13 years old, Akrit has an IQ of 146 and is con­sid­ered the smartest per­son his Akrit Jaswalage in India –a coun­try of more than a bil­lion peo­ple. Before Akrit could even speak, his par­ents say they knew he was spe­cial. At an age when most chil­dren are learn­ing their ABCs, Akrit was read­ing Shake­speare and assem­bling a library of med­ical text­books. When he was 5 years old, he enrolled in school. One year later, Akrit was teach­ing Eng­lish and math classes.

Akrit devel­oped a pas­sion for sci­ence and anatomy at an early age. Doc­tors at local hos­pi­tals took notice and started allow­ing him to observe surg­eries when he was 6 years old. Akrit says he has mil­lions of med­ical ideas, but he’s cur­rently focused on devel­op­ing a cure for can­cer. ‘I’ve devel­oped a con­cept called oral gene ther­apy on the basis of my research and my the­o­ries,’ he says. ‘I’m quite ded­i­cated towards work­ing on this mechanism.

Sree­lak­shmi Suresh

Sree­lak­shmi Suresh (born 1998) is a stu­dent of Pre­sen­ta­tion High Sec­ondary School in Kozhikode, Ker­ala, India. Sree­lak­shmi SureshShe has been noted as one of the youngest award win­ning web design­ers in the world. She is the Youngest Web Designer cum entre­pre­neur of the World with a pas­sion of Design­ing web­sites. At the age of eight she made a World Record by design­ing and devel­op­ing the offi­cial web­site of her school. She is the Youngest Ever Mem­ber of the Asso­ci­a­tion of Amer­i­can Web­mas­ters and has already bagged about 26 National and Inter­na­tional hon­ors includ­ing the pres­ti­gious Global Inter­net Direc­to­ries Gold Award and Golden Web Awards.

She, like her peers, likes to play with friends and watch car­toon chan­nels. How­ever, she has a pas­sion to cre­ate web­sites and Spin­ning grand web designs in the age of eight. She has already designed and devel­oped 10 websites.

Sind­huja Rajamaran

Sind­huja Raja­ma­ran is quite unlike other 14-year-olds. When girls of Sind­huja Rajamaranher age are attend­ing school dur­ing day­time and play­ing in the evening, she sits in the chair of a chief exec­u­tive offi­cer, and draws. She runs Sep­pan, an ani­ma­tion com­pany, and has a team of five mem­bers now. Sindhuja’s jour­ney from an ordi­nary school girl to the CEO of a com­pany started when she was around 10. From mak­ing a short ani­mated film by rais­ing the issue of global warm­ing and tuber­cu­lo­sis, to mak­ing a greet­ing card designs to the Pres­i­dent of the United States, Barack Obama, Sind­huja sure has achieved many things. In the early years, she has mas­tered many com­puter soft­ware, such as Flash, Pho­to­shop, Corel Painter, After Effects and Maya.

At teenage age where most girls would much rather spend their time Face­book­ing or gos­sip­ing about boys, 14-year-old Sind­huja Raja­ma­ran not just has her career charted out but is India’s youngest CEO and 2D animator.

Akash B Chandran

Akash B Chan­dran is the CEO of ABC Online Solu­tions. He started design­ing since he was 13 years at age and nowAkash B Chandran he is 15 years old. He have been earn­ing around $600+ per month and $5500+ per annual at the moment. Most of his clients are from USA and he com­pletes all the works with 100% dedication.

Now he is study­ing in 10th class at Chin­maya Vidyalaya Naru­va­moodu and work­ing hard for his aim on becom­ing famous.

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