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The purpose of this page is to make a platform US Teens, where every teen can share his extreme experience, school and personal introduction. If you are genius, talented student in your school/college, have extraordinary ability or have invented something, you should inform us and be ready to give interview, your Name and Interview will be added to our US Genius list. Please feel free to Contact.

Colin Carlson

He should be an ideal for youngsters of the world. Colin is a sophomore at the University of Colin CarlsonConnecticut, looking for a bachelor’s degree in evolutionary biology & ecology and another in environmental studies. He is a 7th semester University Scholar in EEB, with an additional major in Environmental Studies. He was named as a 2010 Udall Scholar and as 2011 Truman Scholar for his environmental work on and off campus. At this time he is studying plasticity in the genus Pelargonium, for which he was awarded a 2011 Goldwater Scholarship.

He said, “Once I have completed my undergraduate studies, I want a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology, ecology and a degree in environmental law for a career in the field of conservation science”. He has it in mind to earn the two degrees by the age of 22. He has awfully ideas about what he wants to do, he said. “His self-confidence is very high. It’s a very unusual package to see the intellect and confidence at that age. “I just wanted to be a part of the liberal arts community and that wouldn’t have been possible without dorm affiliation”.

Jake Barnett

A smart US genius, Jake Barnett 12 years old, he proved the signs of autism (language and other communication skills to the usual level), but now he is considered as a genius in math skills as well. Barnett even teaches a large amount of elder students on the IUPUI campus where he takes classes. At the age of 8, “Jacob Barnett” started attending the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).

Jake Barnett has an IQ of 170 which is higher than Albert Einstein’s IQ. Barnett could be in line for a future Nobel Peace Prize, according to one of the world’s leading scientists and 13 years old professor at a college. He is also working on challenging the Big Bang theory.

Saffron Pledger

She hasn’t even experienced proper schooling yet, but three-year-old Saffron Pledger already has an Saffron PledgerIQ score of 140 and might possibly become one of the youngest member of Mensa, an intellectual high IQ society with members in more than 100 countries. The English-born Pledger is reported to be able to write, read, count up to 50 and solve simple mathematics.
With her current score, Pledger is already 40 points above the national average and three points ahead of former President Bill Clinton.

Dante Lamb

Before he could write his own name Dante Lamb was a world record holder, scooping the title of the Dante Lambworld’s youngest professional artist at the age of three. Now a veteran at nearly nine, Dante’s painting prowess has stunned the art world and given him a global reputation in abstract art. More than a dozen of his paintings now grace the walls of Buonissimo Restaurant in Albany Road, Harborne, where diners find it hard to believe they are admiring the work of a child.

He had a passion and a commitment to it usually found only in adults and he’s able to express himself without any limitations. He sold 45 of his masterpieces within three weeks in Georgia before the family moved the Birmingham. Dante, who goes to Four Dwellings Primary School, is very modest about his talents, saying he is not very good at freehand drawing.

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